Multi Car Discount

Sainsbury's car insurance provides a range of attractive features, so why not share the benefits with other drivers in your household?

In fact, if you are an existing customer with more than one car in your household insured with Sainsbury's car insurance, you could now save 10% with our Multi Car Discount*.

How it works

As long as all the cars are from the same household you will be entitled to a 10% discount on your second and any subsequent car insurance policies - up to a maximum of ten policies - that is an additional nine cars that will qualify for discount.

How do I get Multi Car Discount?

You can call or go online and receive individual quotes for up to ten cars. If you already hold a Sainsbury's car insurance policy please ensure you have the details of your existing policy to hand when you call or go online.


If you have any further questions about our Multi Car Discount please visit our Multi Car Discount FAQ's.

*Multi Car Discount Terms & Conditions
1. The policy that is nominated as the Primary policy will not be entitled to any Multi Car Discount. 
2. The 10% introductory discount applies to the 2nd and subsequent policies taken out with Sainsbury's Bank - all cars must be from the same household. 
3. Multi Car Discount applies to both Sainsbury's Car Insurance and Sainsbury's Premier Cover Car Insurance. 
4. There is a maximum linked policy limit of 10 vehicles. 
5. Minimum premiums apply. 
6. If more than one discount is relevant, these will be applied consecutively.

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