Summary Box - Sainsbury's 40 Month Balance Transfer Credit Card

The information contained in this table summarises key product features and is not intended to replace any terms and conditions

APR Representative 18.9% APR (variable)
Other APRs N/A
Other Interest Rates Introductory Rate Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Purchases 0% for 3 months 1.456% or 1.667% or 2.141% 18.95% or 21.95% or 28.95%
Cash Advances N/A 1.941 or 2.141% 25.95 or 28.95%
Balance Transfers 0% for 40 months 1.456% or 1.667% or 2.141% 18.95% or 21.95% or 28.95%
We may apply the standard interest rate during any special promotion period to any transaction if in any month you do not make at least your minimum payment by the minimum payment date or if you exceed your credit limit at any time.
Interest Free Period
After Introductory Offer
  • Maximum 56 days for purchases if you pay the full balance shown on your previous and current statement on time.
  • There is no interest free period on cash advances or balance transfers.
Interest Charging Information You will not pay interest on new purchases if you pay your balance in full and on time each month. Otherwise, the period over which interest is charged is as follows:
  From Until
Purchases Date debited to your account Paid in full
Cash Advances Date debited to your account Paid in full
Balance Transfers Date debited to your account Paid in full
Allocation of Payments If you do not pay your balance in full we will allocate your payments to balances with the highest interest rate before balances with lower interest rates. See Section 2.2 of the terms and conditions for full details.
Minimum Repayment Each month in which you have a balance outstanding on your account you must repay the greater of:-
a) an amount equal to the total of any Credit Card Repayments Cover premiums, interest, default sums, plus 1% of the balance shown on your statement;
b) 2.25% of the balance shown on your statement; or
c) £5, or full balance if less than £5,
plus any amount you owe that is more than your credit limit.
Credit limit Minimum credit limit Subject to status
Maximum credit limit Subject to status
Fees No annual fee
Charges Cash Advances 3% (minimum £3)
Balance Transfers Nectar cardholders exclusive: balance transfer fee of 1.69%  (2.89% initial fee reduced by refund). Applies on transfers made within your first 3 months, 3% afterwards (minimum £3 at all times).
Copy Statements £5
For further details please refer to the account terms and conditions.
Foreign Usage Payment scheme exchange rate Indicative rates can be found at

One or more of the following may apply:

  • Non-Sterling Transaction Fee 2.75% of the amount of the sterling transaction value.
  • Cash Fee 3% (minimum £3)
Default Charges Late Payment Charge £12
Overlimit Charge £12
Returned Payment Charge £12

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