Digital downloads

How much content do you store on your phone, computer or other device?

Many of us buy and download a huge range of digital content, from fitness and satellite navigation apps to films and ebooks. And many of us would run out of land before we ran out of music on any road trip with an MP3 player. 

Storing content

Add up the value of all the digital content you have bought and downloaded onto multiple devices including smart phones, smart tvs, eReaders, home computers, laptops, tablets, games consoles and MP3 players. You might find these are worth more than you first thought.

You may also find you have a lot of digital content stored on a single device and where in the past you may have lost the odd CD, now you could lose the entire music collection if something goes wrong. Although you should back up precious content regularly it could be useful to have a safety net in place.

Protect your digital downloads

Both Sainsbury's Home Insurance and Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance offer protection for digital downloads if you cannot recover them because the device is stolen or damaged due to fire or flood whilst in your home.

If you can't retrieve the lost content, you could at least cover the cost of replacing it so you can buy your favourites again.

Here's what's on offer:

  • Sainsbury's Home Insurance - protection up to the value of £1000.
  • Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance - protection up to the value of £3000.

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