Household removal cover

Home insurance through Sainsbury’s Bank includes household removal cover to help protect your contents while you’re moving house.

The cover is included with both available policy levels up to the sum insured.

Loss or damage

Cover is available where your contents become lost or damaged due to a number of listed causes specified in the policy booklet.

These causes include;

  • theft and attempted theft
  • vandalism and malicious acts
  • a collision with another vehicle
  • fire, explosion, lightning or earthquake
  • storm or flood.

See the policy booklet for a full list.

Accidental damage

Cover is also available to insure your contents against accidental damage whilst they’re being moved to your new home.

Sainsbury’s Premier Cover Home Insurance includes accidental damage cover for contents. It’s not included with Sainsbury’s Home Insurance but is available to add as an optional extra.

Accidental cover also extends to accidental damage to the building of the new or old property during the course of your move, for example damage to walls.


The cover also extends to damage which occurs while your contents are being temporarily stored for up to 72 hours.

Limitations & exclusions

Some limitations and exclusions apply so make sure you read the policy documents carefully.

We’ve highlighted the main ones here.

Sum insured 

You will be covered up to the sum insured shown in your schedule (the total amount for all contents insured).

Conditions of the move

In order to qualify for the available cover, you need to be permanently moving contents from your home to another private property you’re going to live in. In addition, you must be moving within the British Isles.

Excluded items

Some specific items are not covered. These include money, china, glass and other fragile items and bicycles. You can view a full list in the policy document.


If items are damaged during your move or while they’re in storage call and report the damage as soon as you can.

For the correct contact number and details on what information to have to hand, see make a claim.

Finally, if you’d like some tips on moving including, where to find a removal firm, where to get price estimates and tips on packing, you can have a look at our guide to moving home

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