Frequently Asked Questions

Call the claims department on 0800 533 5912. Calls may be recorded. If you’re still not happy, you can make a formal complaint

It usually takes us up to five days after we receive your form to complete our assessment. If you haven’t heard from us shortly after that you can call us on 0800 533 5912 for an update on progress. Calls may be recorded.

To help you claim go smoothly, make sure your vet has sent your claim form, as well as full supporting documentation, including invoices, and your pet’s full clinical history.

It can take up to five days to assess your claim. If your claim is successful, we’ll normally send you a cheque within the next three days.

Co-Insurance is an excess that you have to pay when you make a claim. It’s expressed as a percentage of the claim amount and might be instead of or in addition to a fixed excess.

With veterinary treatments becoming more expensive, co-insurance helps us to keep the cost of insuring your pet competitive.

We can send you a cheque, usually within three days of assessing your claim, or pay your vet directly by cheque. We can’t make a payment directly to your bank account.