Make a claim

Medical emergencies

If you have an emergency or need medical treatment abroad:

  • Contact Sainsbury's Travel Insurance Assistance Centre on
  • +44 (0) 208 763 3284*, at anytime.
  • Call us within 48 hours if you have to stay in a hospital, or if your medical expenses are likely to be more than £500.
  • Please have your policy number to hand when you call.

Other emergencies

If you want to make a claim, you'll need a written report from the relevant authority:

  • Theft, mugging, loss - tell the police within 24 hours and get a report and reference number from them.
  • Passport loss - contact the consulate that issued your passport.
  • Loss or damage in transit - contact the carrier e.g. your airline and request a Property Irregularity Report.
  • Travel delay - confirm the reason and length of delay with the carrier.
  • Catastrophe - obtain a written confirmation of the cause from local or national authorities.

If you need to get home

If you need to cut your trip short and want to claim additional travel expenses, contact Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance Assistance Centre on +44 (0)208 763 3284* before you make any arrangements.

Claiming expenses

You’ll need medical certificates showing the nature of the injury or sickness. You may need to pay for this.

Once you get home

Please contact our Claims team on 0330 100 9524* to get a claims form. They are available 8am-8pm Monday to Friday.

Any medical bills that you don't pay can be referred to:

Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance Centre
PO Box 500
1 Drake Circus

Don’t forget to keep your receipts, or we won’t be able to consider your claim.

Where can I get information and advice on the country I intend to visit?

In addition to the advice you can receive as a policyholder from the Sainsbury's 24-hour Travel Insurance Help Line, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office new window website offers a wealth of travel advice and tips, and up-to-date, country-specific information.

*Telephone calls may be recorded for security purposes and monitored under our quality control procedures.

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