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Alternative summer camps for kids - from coding to Cornwall

By Hazel Davis 05/05/2015

Alternative summer camps for kids - from coding to Cornwall

Here are three of our favourite summer holiday camps

Think ‘summer camp’ is an American thing? Think again. Summer camps are bang on-trend in the UK, and it’s no surprise! They are a great way for children to have an adventure, develop their skills in an area of their choice and make new friends. Of course, it can help ease the load of childcare duties over the holidays too. There are various camps on offer, but to whet your appetite here are our top three:

Cool coding at Fire Tech Camp

If you have future Zuckerbergs on your hands, then why not send them to brush up their skills at one of Fire Tech Camp's many summer events? Based at Imperial College in London, with regional bases in Bristol, Manchester and Brighton, the camp lets your children meet like-minded friends, have fun with technology and invest in their future all at the same time. Watch out for the early-bird booking discounts too.

Getting back to nature in Cornwall

If you live in a bustling city or busy town, it can be tricky to give your kids a decent taste of the outdoors. But Camp Kernow is a pioneering off-grid summer camp in the heart of the stunning Cornish countryside. They'll prepare and eat home-cooked food using ingredients harvested themselves from the site's thriving food garden, or sourced from local producers, and they'll enjoy an envious programme of activities, from tree-climbing workshops, blacksmithing and even kayaking. So idyllic you might want to join in yourself.

Meeting other mini maestros

The National Youth Music summer camps have been going strong since the 1970s in the grounds of the Stables Theatre in Milton Keynes. Everyone from beginners to musical whizz-kids can take part in small group sessions or full-camp orchestra, trying out new instruments and performing concerts in a wide variety of genres. Expect them to come home with a song on their lips and in their hearts.

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