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Keeping a child-friendly grown-up home

By Anna Tobin 29/01/2015

Anna Tobin shows you how to ensure that your family home always looks stylish, no matter how many toys you have strewn about.

They may be tiny, but children sure know how to put a home through its paces! Anna Tobin shows you how to ensure that your family home always looks stylish, no matter how many toys you have strewn about.

Maximise your storage space

It is much easier to keep a home tidy if there is a place for everything. If you've the space create a hall cupboard for coats and shoes. Don’t skimp on wardrobes in the bedrooms, if you can’t fill them with clothes, the excess can be used for toys. And, try to create one large floor-to-ceiling cupboard somewhere, be it in a bedroom, the landing or the hallway that can take larger items such as scooters and even a small buggy.

Choose timeless storage items

So that your house doesn’t look like a playroom 24/7, instead of a traditional toy box keep all those toys in a stylish wicker basket, leather chest or sideboard instead.

Shun huge toys

Just because all their friends have a vast plastic model kitchen, doesn’t mean your child has to too. They can play with those bulky toys at playgroup. Do a bit of research and you will find a much smaller kitchen that can be packed away in a drawer at the end of the day.

Keep some toys on display

Not all toys can be put away every night, so if you have to have them on display make sure that they look cute or cool and will add to your scheme. This dolls house/coffee table is probably the best example of this I’ve seen yet.

Make space for homework

If you have older children, ensure that they have a space in your home to do their homework and somewhere to store it whilst it’s in progress. A kitchen table with a drawer is useful for this, or perhaps you can install a vintage school flip-top desk with a chair in their bedroom or even on the landing or in the hallway. Loft beds with desks underneath give a sophisticated studio feel to teen rooms.

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