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Creating a Smart Home

By Money Matters Team 24/10/2019

Guide to creating your smart home

Whether you’re keeping an eye on your carbon footprint or seeking the latest smart home solutions, having the ultimate smart home is easier than you think. There are a variety of options to suit every budget, from downloading a smart home app to a full smart home lighting system.

Creating a smart home can save you money and help your household become more energy efficient. So, you can get a little greener and make home life a little simpler, all in one go.

Small spend

Thinking of switching up your home and getting a little smarter? Starting with smaller, more affordable changes can be an easy way to see if it’s for you. Smart plugs are one of the simplest swaps to make. Simply plug in to the socket and you can use your app or voice to control your appliance.

Why not add in some smart lights? There’s a range of bulbs available, including dimming and colour changing. You can change your lighting from the comfort of your couch and add a little ambiance with some colour changing bulbs too.

Splash out

Have you already got the basics down? If you’re ready to upgrade your set up or step up your tech game, there’s plenty on the market to level up your smart home. Smart doorbells and security systems will help you keep your home safe in a slick and simple way. You can control the locks from the comfort of your home or when you’re out.

If you want to get more when you get 40 winks, you could invest in a smart mattress. Although innovative, investing will be costly. There’s a variety of companies developing this technology, including heating, cooling and sleep monitoring features. You can get a sounder, smarter sleep, if you can afford the larger price tag.

Home is where the heart is

Keeping your home safe is important and insurance is key to making sure your home and contents are covered. Sainsbury’s Bank have a range of cover from buildings, to contents or both. Giving your home a little face lift or revving up for renovation? Sainsbury’s Bank offer loan products that could help with any upcoming projects you’re thinking about.

Our guide will give you tips on all the smart home accessories, both big and small, to help you build something to suit you.

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