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Apps to get you going

By Jessica Powell 29/01/2015

Download these for a boost of fit-spiration at your fingertips

Moves (Free) Tracks your movement over the course of the day and the calories burnt on the way. Brilliant to spur you on to walk where possible to boost your total. Aim for 10,000 steps a day.

Fitocracy (Free) Turns getting into shape into a game. Beat ‘quests’, earn ‘badges’ and ‘slay the laziness dragon’. Comes with a big community element to keep you motivated.

Zombies, Run! 5k Training (£1.49) Want to have a crack at your first 5k run? This immersive app sets your training to a story about trying to escape a zombie invasion. Funny and distracting. Just what you need.

Fitstar (Free but you’ll probably want to pay to unlock more workouts) Generates workout routines that require no equipment, so you can fit them in anywhere, anytime, without having to trek to the gym. iPhone/iPad only.

PaceDJ (Free) Scans your music library and sorts it by beats per minute, so you can select the pace you want to walk or run at and it’ll play tunes at the right tempo to keep you on track. So you’ll be power walking to power ballads in no time.

Strava (Free) There’s nothing like a little friendly competition. See how long it took other people in your area to run or cycle a certain stretch so you can pit yourself against them. It’s not about winning but about watching your ranking improve along with your fitness.

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