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How to take the perfect selfie

By Money Matters Team 05/05/2015

How to take the perfect selfie

How do you get a perfect picture when you have to take it and be in it? Follow our guide...

What do Kim Kardashian and Barack Obama have in common? Well, they're both fans of the selfie – the trend of taking a picture of yourself, then sharing it online. And it’s not just celebrities at it. Your social media feed is probably full of people posing, pouting and smiling into their camera phone. It’s such common practice that the Oxford English Dictionary crowned it as word of the year in 2013. Here are our top tips on getting it just right

Avoid a ghostly face

If you’re planning a selfie-filled night out, avoid wearing a foundation that contains sunscreen. "It’s made up of particles that can show up white after a camera flash, making you look washed out," explains make-up artist and This Morning beauty expert Hayley Sparkes.

Define your features

Make-up is your friend when it comes to selfies. "Add some definition to your eyes," shares Hayley. "Apply a liner to the top lash line, go for it with mascara and add depth to your eye socket by blending a smoky shade into the crease."

Get the light right

‘The best lighting for your selfie is always good natural light,’ says portrait photographer Adrian Jones. "If you’re inside, aim for good window light, coming in from the side or at a 45 degree angle."

Look behind you

Remember: it’s pointless looking your best in a selfie if everyone’s going to be checking out the underwear hanging off the radiator!

Have some armless fun

Half an arm in the shot can ruin an otherwise lovely photo. "Download a self timer app for your phone, which will allow you to prop it up somewhere sturdy and give you time to get into position," advises Adrian.

Act natural

Adrian also warns against trying too hard. "A natural, genuine smile is always a winner, so no sucking your cheeks in or going for the ‘duck lips’ pout!"

Filter it

Photo filters on many phones allow you to play around with your pictures and create different effects and moods. Black and white photos look stylish, or for a more natural look, pick one that warms and softens your skin tone. Instagram’s ‘Rise’ and ‘Valencia’ are good options for this.

Now you’re finally ready for your close-up, so snap away!

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