8 money-saving New Year's resolutions

By Ricky Willis 16/12/2015

To help you get your finances off to a flying start, we asked the top thrifty bloggers for their 2016 New Year's money resolutions.

It's a well-known fact that most New Year's resolutions fall by the wayside around the third Friday in January – aka 'Fail Friday'. But Ricky Willis, aka SkintDad.co.uk, has found us some inspiration from the savviest savers around to help you keep your financial resolutions going strong all year long

Family budgeting guru Becky Goddard-Hill

"You don't need to join the gym if your New Year's resolution is to get fit. Get yourself a secondhand exercise DVD, schedule in long walks with friends at the weekend or buy a skipping rope and discipline yourself to do 100 skips daily. Exercising this way will save you a lot of money and time."

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Award-winning financial journalist Melanie Wright

"Never just make the minimum payment shown on your credit card statement each month. Do this and it'll take years to pay off what you owe. You should always pay off as much as you can afford every month so you end up debt-free much faster."

StepChange MoneyAware blog's Rachel Connor

"I'll start my emergency fund. From car repairs to a drop in income, unexpected expenses can strike out of the blue and usually at the worst time. Instead of relying on a credit card and building up debt, try to put a bit of money aside each week or month to cover emergency expenses, even if it's just a couple of quid. It will soon mount up and give you that extra buffer you need."

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Undercover bargain hunter Penny Golightly

"Like many people, I find it almost impossible to stick to resolutions. Instead, I make a list of 30 micro-resolutions – each one is something small that will improve my finances – and tick them off the list every day in January (starting a spending diary, selling junk on eBay etc)."

The coupon tycoon Jordon Cox

"My money-saving resolution is to save £5,000 this year across all my finances by using coupons, voucher codes and haggling in all the right places. I'll put the money I save towards a discounted trip around the globe."

Super-savvy travel pro Cathy Winston

"Sign up for a spending bonus. I love knowing that my everyday spending – and any travel I book – is going to give me some kind of reward, whether it's via a cashback site or a credit card that collects airmiles. It means that every supermarket shop helps pay for my next flight somewhere hot."

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Be Clever With Your Cash blog's Andy Webb

"2015 was all about saving for my wedding. That money is all spent now, so my 2016 resolution is to start a spending diary to keep track of where my money goes this year. If you do it too you'll be amazed to see how you spend your cash and where you're wasting it."

From Aldi to Harrods blog's Emma Drew

"My financial New Year's resolution is to cook from scratch more often. This will save me money on grocery spending, help us to eat healthier foods and improve my cooking repertoire."

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Consumer affairs journalist and Yahoo! Blogger Felicity Hannah

"This year I want to buy more secondhand stuff rather than paying a premium for brand new. I have a baby on the way and I'm determined that I won't waste money buying brand-new items that it will only need for a few months – classified websites, car boots and baby sales will be my new hobby!"

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