Esther Shaw

Shopping in the January sales

By Esther Shaw 15/12/2014

Esther Shaw offers some tips to make sure you get the most out of the January sales.

When it comes to the January sales, shops will pull out all the stops to tempt us through their doors, but if you’re trying to be good after the outgoings of the festive season, try a few of these tips.

Before heading out to hit the shops, take stock of what you have, then draw up a list of the things you really need; also set yourself a budget. Once you’ve hit the high street, if you subsequently find the items on your wish list reduced in the sale, you’ve bagged yourself a bargain. This can make particularly good financial sense when it comes to buying big-ticket items such as a TV or coffee machine. Whatever you do, don’t buy fad fashion – this is a false economy. If there’s a rack full of one particular item, there’s a good reason the shop hasn’t been able to shift it; make sure you buy things that are worth buying – and things that will last.

When you find something you do want to buy, don’t forget to haggle, as sales shopping can lend itself to good negotiating skills –especially if you’re buying goods towards the end of a sale. Also look for product flaws to haggle down the price, or seek out display items, as you should be able to get these more cheaply too.

If you can’t face the scrum of bargain-hunters on the high street, why not go online instead? You can also compare prices more easily with just a few clicks of the mouse to check the price you’re paying is competitive. Free delivery is often a double plus. Finally, remember – sales don’t always equate to bargains.

If you’d like some helping budgeting for the new year, head to or check our practical guide.

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