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The student-parent text interpreter

By Money Matters Team 20/08/2013

Avoid mixed messages.

Preparing for your son or daughter to go to university can be a busy and emotional time, but it needn’t all be serious. To help you avoid mixed messages once they’ve flown the nest, we’ve come up with an easy to understand student and parent text tool, below. You could even share it with your son or daughter on Twitter or Facebook as a gentle reminder for them to phone home!

Disclaimer: This is unlikely to be a sufficient replacement for normal day-to-day communications!

  Student > Parent   Parent > Student
Text Message meaning Text Message meaning
B-> I’m fine – no need to worry! ??? Are you ok? We’re worried sick, you haven’t called for ages!
#-) I have found the union bar. }:-s Please don’t drink too much.
:-D Please send money! :-| |-: Let me talk to your mother/father.
[o] Get the washing machine ready – I’m coming home! :-) It’ll be good to see you. I’ll ignore the comment about the washing machine.
:-P’’’ Please top up my Sainsbury’s Meal Ticket! =8) How much are you eating?
<:-( I failed my exams… Your allowance has been cut off – go and get a job!


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