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Top helmet covers for the ski season

By Money Matters Team 09/12/2013

The winter sports season has begun and many of us will take to the slopes with skis, snowboards and sledges, and try to out-do each other with the best winter hat.

But this year, you might prefer to choose a helmet.

Italy was the first European country to make ski helmets compulsory for children in 2005 and in the years that followed some other European countries have followed suit. In the US the National Ski Areas Association saw the number of people wearing helmets reach 67% during the 2011/12 winter season, an increase of 10% compared to 2010/11¹.

The Brits seem to be lagging behind slightly with Tripadvisor research showing 51% of British skiers and snowboarders chose to wear a helmet last year².

But with awareness of the potential dangers continuing to grow, this could be the season of the helmet.

And the best news is, if the kids are desperate to get their cool lion hat back out, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. We’ve found some of the greatest helmet covers available. The kids will love wearing their helmet just as much as a hat, and it could keep them safer.

The shark from Headztrong

The shark from Headztrong.

The owl from The Pea’s Knees

The owl from The Pea’s Knees.

The sheep, also from the Pea’s Knees

The sheep, also from the Pea’s Knees.

The Zebra from Crazeeheads, available through Amazon

The Zebra from Crazeeheads, available through Amazon.

The Moose from Helmet Heads

The Moose from Helmet Heads.

The crocodile from Hoxyheads and available through Amazon

And finally, the crocodile from Hoxyheads and available through Amazon.

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