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Declutter and Up Your Shelf Game

By Money Matters Team 09/03/2021

We’re right in the middle of a powerful new movement thanks to Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch - tidying experts. They are known for helping people declutter, clean and organise their homes. Anti-clutter culture has taken off in a big way. Prepare to stare at your shelf all day long as we take you through some Instagram-worthy home organisation tips. Be your best self, with your best shelf!

Our top decluttering tips

We’ve some top tips to help you declutter your life and get on your way to a more organised home.

Colour code

Professional organiser Melanie Fascitelli says that when she’s helping her clients to sort out their shelves, being clever with colour creates an effect that is pretty and practical. “Colour coding from light to dark creates uniformity and makes things super easy to find,” she explains. This can work especially well if you’re decluttering your wardrobe or organising a shelf of books, clothes or kitchen accessories. It’s also a powerful way to organise a shelf of decorative items. Sticking to one colour scheme on a shelf can instantly change the mood in a room, and it’s a quick and economical way of changing your interior theme from season to season.

And don’t forget the kids...

It’s not just your living room shelves that can benefit from some colour-coding. The kids' bedrooms can also be neatened up by sorting out messy toys or building blocks. Label small shelves by colour and encourage kids to get involved by organising their favourite toys by colour - sneaking in a colour lesson in the process.

Use smart storage to divide and conquer

Lisa Adams is an organisational guru and believes it’s all about working with what you have. “It’s really about utilising the space, because most people don’t. You need to use the height, the depth, the width of it and the back.” She recommends using dividers and storage boxes in order to keep your stuff separate while keeping it together - that way, everything on the shelf stays organised while looking tidy and camera ready. More importantly, you can always find what you’re looking for.

Bin it

It’s sensible to have bins labelled "pasta" and "cereal" to make unloading groceries quick and easy. This tip makes it much easier to stay organised while shopping in bulk, and it frees up valuable shelf space for more obscure ingredients, and maybe even a decorative ornament or two. It means you can take up valuable shelf-space with the items you want to show off, knowing that the dried food is safely stowed.

Marie Condo your kitchen

You might be thinking ‘what’s the best way to organise my kitchen cupboards’. Marie Kondo’s best tip is to only keep the dishes that spark joy and ones you’ll actually use. So this means throwing out the ones you don’t actually like. And if you keep things categorised, your kitchen will feel much more organised.

Keep time

When we start to sort out our storage, we’ll come across exciting knick- knacks, bits and pieces we’d forgotten about, and books and bits of jewellery that we thought were lost forever. It’s easy to spend hours wandering down Memory Lane, only to end up exhausted, distracted and less organised than ever. Set a timer - keeping track of how much time you spend organising means that you’ll be strict with yourself, which makes it easier to achieve your goals. Allow yourself a set amount of time to admire and reminisce, and when the timer goes off, get back to work.

Picture this

Some items are just too good to keep hidden away amongst your books and other possessions. Installing a picture rail is a great space-saver and also means that you can make a real feature of some of your favourite coffee table books which otherwise gather dust.

Organising your home office

Now more than ever we might be thinking about organising our work spaces, as we spend more time working from home. Here’s one thing to consider when thinking about how to organise your home office. Having a different spot for everything will help make you calmer and ready to tackle the day ahead. Use shelves to help keep things out of your way but easy to find when you need it.

Ready to start decluttering? If you’re planning any bigger changes or significant furniture upgrades as part of your living space refresh, remember that this could potentially have an impact on your home or contents insurance.

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