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Winter gardens

By Money Matters Team 29/11/2012

We've put together five winter gardening tips and some winter garden pictures to inspire you.

How many times have you looked at your garden in winter and thought: 'I just can't wait for the spring to arrive?' The prospect of new growth and warmer weather might seem ages away so here's some inspiration.


It's not too late to start planting - both deciduous trees and roses can be planted at this time of year.


Early winter is a good time for pruning fruit trees as it gives them the chance to recover before the new growth arrives in the spring.

Christmas trees

Consider a live Christmas tree. Kids will love helping to plant it in the garden after Christmas and it's a fun way to educate them on the value of nature and re-growth.

Is Jack Frost about to bite?

Listen to the weather forecasts. If frost is expected, cover sensitive plants with fleece, sacking or inverted plant pots. Consider bringing any potted plants inside.

Dealing with leaves

Give your lawn a light rake during the winter to help prevent the build up of moss, enabling grass to grow back quicker in the spring.

Giving you garden a little TLC will contribute towards making life easier when you start back in earnest in the spring.


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