Personal Liability Cover

Personal liability cover is available to dog owners with a Standard, Premier or Premier Plus Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance policy.

What is covered?

If property is damaged, someone is injured, falls ill or dies as a result of an incident involving your dog during the period of insurance, and you are deemed legally responsible, you will be paid compensation and claimant’s costs and expenses. This policy feature also covers legal costs and expenses for defending a claim against you.

You could be paid up to £1,000,000 per incident (£2,000,000 for Premier and Premier Plus policyholders).

What is not covered?

Exclusions include compensation, costs and expenses resulting from an incident which:

  • involves your profession or anyone employed by you.
  • takes place when your pet is in the care of someone whose services you are paying for. A dog minder or grooming parlour, for example.
  • is the result of not following advice given by previous owners or a qualified behaviourist.

Cover does not apply if the person who falls ill, is killed or is injured lives with you, is a member of your immediate family or is employed by you. Similarly, if the property damaged is your responsibility or it belongs to you, any member of your immediate family or someone employed by you the cover will not apply.

For a full list of exclusions, please see your policy booklet.

Special conditions

Should you need need to make a claim you must:

  • notify your insurance provider immediately if an incident occurs which could lead to a personal liability claim being made.
  • notify your insurer if advised of any prosecution, inquest or enquiry which could lead to a claim.
  • agree to provide all information connected to the claim you are reasonably asked for.

If a professional, such as a dog minder or groomer is being paid to care for your dog, it is your responsibility to ensure they have third party liability insurance cover. You must also inform them of any behavioural problems your pet might have so they can handle your dog in an appropriate manner.

If more than one of the dogs covered by this policy are involved, or contribute towards, an incident you will be paid no more than £1,000,000 (£2,000,000 for Premier and Premier Plus policyholders) for the incident for all of the dogs.

Again, please see your policy booklet for full details of the special conditions attached to this cover.