Moneycorp FAQs

Moneycorp are working with Sainsbury’s Bank to provide an international, bank to bank money transfer service.

You can set up an account online or by calling the moneycorp team on 0330 010 2002*.

You can transfer any amount – there is no minimum required to make a payment.

Your transfer will take 0 – 2 working days to arrive.

Delivery times may vary depending on the currency and destination, and therefore transfers of Moroccan Dirham and Indian Rupees may take more than 2 working days.

You can make a complaint by getting in touch using our contact form.

The rates we charge are based on a combination of things.

  • The prevailing interbank exchange rate
  • Your overall currency requirement
  • The individual amount that’s transacted

The rate you get increases and decreases in relation to interbank foreign exchange rate. Except during weekends when the rate you get won’t change because foreign exchange markets don’t operate between 10pm on Fridays and 8pm on Sundays (both times are GMT).

Whether you pay by debit card or pre-fund your account by bank transfer, you’ll still get the same rate.