Life Insurance

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£85 worth of coupons to spend instore*

Sainsbury's Life Insurance

Available offers

  • £85 worth of coupons to spend instore - if you purchase a Life Insurance policy direct with Sainsbury's Bank by 26th September 2016*
  • PLUS - double Nectar points at Sainsbury's for 2 years†

Offer only available to customers who take out a new Sainsbury’s Life Insurance policy. £40 worth of coupons will be issued 6 months after the policy start date, with the remaining £45 issued after 10 months. Please see below for full terms and conditions*

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Level Term Life Insurance

A straightforward way to help provide a financial safety net for your family if you die during the term.

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Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

Mortgage term insurance has one clear objective - to help pay off your outstanding mortgage if you die during the term.

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Over 50s Life Insurance

A simple way to help towards your funeral costs, outstanding bills or to leave a cash lump sum for your loved ones when you die.

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Critical Illness Cover - Additional Cover

You can add Critical Illness Cover when you take out your Level Term Life Insurance policy or Mortgage Protection Life Insurance policy for added peace of mind.

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Parent Free Life Cover

£15,000 of free life cover for parents that lasts for 12 months from the date you take it out.

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Existing customers

*£85 worth of coupons to spend instore Introductory offer available to new life insurance and Over 50s customers only who buy a new Sainsbury's Life Insurance policy between 22nd March and 26th September 2016 (inclusive). Coupons will be supplied in two instalments. The first £40 will be posted to the policyholder's address 6 months after the policy start date (2 x £20 coupons). The remaining £45 will be posted 10 months after the policy start date (1 x £25 coupon + 1 x £20 coupon). Please allow time for delivery of coupons. You will not receive any coupons if you cancel your policy or stop paying premiums before the coupons are delivered. Duplicate coupons will not be reissued if lost or damaged after receipt. Joint policy holders are entitled to one set of coupons only (joint polices are not applicable for Over 50s Life Insurance). Only one set of coupons will be issued per policy purchase. Offer limited to two new policies purchased per household in any 12 month period. This offer is available if you apply online or on the phone. Legal & General reserves the right to cancel any policies should they suspect fraud or misconduct. Coupons can only be used in store at point of purchase as per terms specified on the coupons. Coupons cannot be used online, cannot be exchanged for cash and are not transferable. Sainsbury's Bank reserves the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time.

†Double Nectar Points 1. Offer only available to customers who take out a new Sainsbury's Life Insurance policy (with or without Critical Illness Cover). 2. You must continue to pay policy premiums for 2 years to continue collecting double points. 3. If the policy is cancelled, double points will cease from the cancellation date. 4. Only the first Life Insurance policy registered against each Nectar account will qualify for double points. You may qualify for additional points by taking out other qualifying products. 5. Base points on qualifying spend in Sainsbury's will be collected as normal. A bonus equal to the total of these points each calendar month (subject to a monthly maximum of 1,250 points) will be credited to the Nectar account by the 10th of the following month, for up to 24 months from the policy cover start date. Excludes all Bonus point offers and points from Sainsbury's Energy, Telecoms, Digital, Entertainment, eBooks, Bank and all other Sainsbury's services. 6. The monthly bonus will only be calculated on, and credited to the Nectar card nominated at the time of application. The nominated card must also be used at the time of each Sainsbury's purchase and points will not be allocated retrospectively. 7. Nectar points are awarded to you by Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd. The Nectar loyalty programme is operated independently of Sainsbury's Bank by Aimia Coalition Loyalty UK Ltd; and the collection and use of points is governed by the Nectar Collector Rules, set out in the registration pack and available at 8. Sainsbury's Bank reserves the right to alter, cancel or withdraw the offer without prior notice.

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