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Welcome to Credit Cards Support

Whichever Sainsbury's Credit Card product you've chosen, you'll find all the help you need here. 

Use the links below to find out more:

Register for an Online Banking account and start using it

If you've not registered, you can register here.  Simply have your account details and your Sainsbury's Bank Credit Card number with you.  When you register you'll be asked to choose an online username - you'll need it to activate your Online Banking account and every time you log in. 

After registering, you'll receive a letter from us within 1 week, with your access code.

Register Now

To start using your Online Banking account, it needs to be activated.  All you need to do is use your username and access code and your online account will be ready to use.

Please note that by activating your Online Banking account this does not activate your Sainsbury's Bank credit card.

Activate Now

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