About us

Our history

J Sainsbury was the first major British supermarket to open a bank, commencing trading on 19th February 1997.  A full banking licence was granted by The Bank of England in January 1997.  The bank has been owned by J Sainsbury plc since  31st January 2014 and was previously  a joint venture between J Sainsbury plc and LBG (Lloyds Banking Group plc).  The Bank’s office is located at Lochside Avenue, Edinburgh with the Bank’s operations being run from various locations around the UK.


The Bank's strategy is centred on providing the core Sainsbury's shopper with a compelling reason to buy financial service products from us. In return we reward Sainsbury's shoppers with preferential financial offers and reward our customers with shopper benefits. The Bank has access to around 24 million weekly Sainsbury's  transactions. Sainsbury's Bank is going through a period of rapid growth and has over 1.6 million active customers.


The majority of our colleagues are based in our Sainsbury's Bank office in Edinburgh. However, we do have a selection of roles which are based in Sainsbury's Store Support Centre in Holborn, London and our retail field team who travel between stores across the UK.

Roles in Edinburgh

We are based at the Gyle Business Park, which is easily accessible by train and bus and is a short drive to Edinburgh International Airport, making it an ideal office location for locals and commuters alike. Some of our colleagues commute from other parts of the UK, but most have made Edinburgh their home.

Edinburgh is known for its financial services industry and also for a wide variety of activities and events. It is home to the largest arts festival in the world, a huge Hogmanay celebration, and offers museums, parks, restaurants, golf courses, and shopping - there is something for everyone.

Edinburgh is a great place to live and work and is an excellent base to explore Scotland's wonderful scenery.

Roles in London

Our Retail team are a support network for retail that ensures in store compliance to any sales activity and merchandising, and they're based in Sainsbury's Store Support Centre in Holborn, London.

Roles across the UK

We have a retail field team who work to improve product awareness to our colleagues in store whilst upskilling the Sainsbury's Store Managers on Sainsbury's Bank strategy.

These colleagues are mobile and travel between stores in our four geographical zones accross the UK.

Our culture

At Sainsbury's Bank we are committed to providing a work environment where colleagues feel valued and can reach their full potential.

We are a growing, fast paced business with passionate colleagues. Our Ways of Working shape the culture and set the standard for all colleagues.

These are:

  • Be passionate about our business
  • Remember customers pay our wages
  • Take responsibility for the part you play
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Be transparent with each other
  • Work together to achieve more



Our Values


Sainsbury's Bank structure is made up of the following departments.


Our commercial function is made up from out Marketing and Products departments as well as our legal team, Supplier Relationship Management and Company Secretary.


Marketing is composed of four teams:

  • Brand, PR & Channels
  • Acquisition
  • Customer Insight 
  • Loyalty and 121 Marketing

These four different teams have one common goal: 'to put Sainsbury's Bank customers at the heart of the organisation'. This cohesive yet diverse team combines to help attract new customers, increase value through cross-sales, improve customer satisfaction scores and raise awareness of the brand and products we offer.


The Products department is split in to our two product areas: Insurances and Banking

The main objective of this department is to 'deliver great quality products and services at fair prices for Sainsbury's Bank customers'.  Many of the tasks led by the Products team involve a close partnership with other areas of the organisation such as our Marketing, Service and Distribution teams. When working on Product P&Ls there's collaboration with a number of departments including Risk, Procurement and Finance.  The depth and variety of roles within Products provides a challenging and stimulating working environment.

Change & IT

The Change & IT department is made up of four smaller teams;

  • Change
  • IT Service Delivery and Information Security, 
  • Procurement

These four groups work closely together to meet their shared vision - 'building a high performing team that delivers Change and IT Service through the use of consistent and ‘fit for purpose’ processes within Sainsbury’s Bank'. The team successfully manage a diverse range of projects and work with teams from across the whole of the organisation.


The Distribution dept comprises of:

  • ATMs
  • Customer Service
  • eCommerce
  • Central Retail and Retail Sales

The ATM team provide Sainsbury's stores with safe ATMs for customers, while the Customer Service team strive to deliver a positive experience for all customers.  The eCommerce team focus on the Banks website, online servicing and SEO. The Retail team provide a support network and maintain the relationship between the Bank and the Sainsbury's stores.


The Finance department is made up of the following teams;

  • Financial Reporting
  • Treasury
  • Commercial Finance, including Cost Management and Decision Support
  • Finance Systems
  • Balance Sheet Management

The Finance team covers a wide range of activity including the production of financial statements, calculation of funds for investment and all regular reports for the Bank of England and the FCA. They manage the Bank's wholesale assets and liabilities and provide support and financial analysis to each area of the Bank.

Human Resources

Human Resources includes;

  • Capability and Resourcing
  • Internal Communications
  • Property and Business Continuity Management

This dynamic group works closely with the parent companies Sainsbury's plc and Lloyds Banking Group in many areas.  They develop and manage a number of communication channels to help colleagues understand the Banks vision and strategy. The driving force behind Sainsbury's Bank charity work as well as corporate responsibility and colleague welfare, the human resources team plays a very interactive role within the company.


Five different teams make up the Risk department;

  • Credit Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Regulatory Risk
  • Fraud
  • Collection & Recoveries

The department works towards a number of common goals, including avoiding unnecessary losses through bad debts, fines, or lost revenues and working with the rest of the business to develop practical and efficient solutions to risk and regulatory demands.  This team acts to ensure that risk prevention and risk awareness remains an integral part of the Sainsbury's Bank culture as well as guaranteeing sufficient reward or return for the risks that the Bank undertakes.

Corporate responsibilty

Our Corporate Responsibility agenda is important to us. It helps shape what we do, and how, as well as informing many of our decision making processes.

By acting in the best interests of all our stakeholders, we can make a sustainable and positive contribution to the economy, our local community and the charities we support.

Our Corporate Responsibility agenda has 5 main areas of focus:

  • Best for financial health
  • Sourcing with integrity
  • Respect for our environment
  • Making a positive difference to our community
  • A great place to work

Best for financial health

Here at Sainsbury's Bank we recognise that money influences all areas of our customers' lives. Whether it's during their daily commute to work or in planning a holiday with the kids, we know how important saving money and savvy spending is to today's families.

Money Matters, both in print and as a blog, offers readers practical insight on how to get the most out of their busy lives. From money-saving ideas to family travel tips, Sainsbury's Bank customers are the driving force behind every Money Matters article and blog post. It's a resource just for them – a place to discover valuable information and share ideas on how to live life to the fullest.

Happy reading!

Sourcing with integrity

Sainsbury's Bank share the same ethical values as our parent company Sainsbury's plc.  Reward, trust, convenience and value are core values for Sainsbury's Bank. They are reflected in the way we deal with our customer's, and are part of the criteria we use to help choose our suppliers.

Respect for our environment

Caring for the environment is something we take seriously, and we have introduced a number of initiatives and incentives to reduce our carbon footprint.


Plastic and raw materials are recycled in the offices and stationary orders are made on demand to avoid the over-ordering and potential wastage of stock.

Reduced travel

Efforts are being made to reduce travel at the Bank, and we encourage colleagues to use of conference calls rather than travel to meetings, where possible.  Colleagues are also encouraged to use public transport and cycle to work, with shower facilities provided on site.

Responsible marketing campaigns

We've taken time to identify practical ways to reduce the environmental impact of our leaflets and Point of Sale materials. Following a full review, we’re now able to save one tonne of waste on an average campaign and three tonnes on larger ones. We're want strong brand presence in our stores but we'll always consider the environmental impact.

Making a positive difference to our community

Aberlour Child Care Trust

In July 2013 we nominated Aberlour Child Care Trust as our Charity of the Year. Our colleagues are all engaged in – and excited about – our fundraising efforts. We believe that it's a great way to increase collaboration, build team spirit – and raise money for a fantastic cause.

Aberlour is the largest, solely Scottish children’s charity, providing help to over 6,000 of Scotland’s most vulnerable children, young people and their families each year. They continually adapt to meet the needs of those children facing the most overwhelming of obstacles.

Aberlour’s vision is for all Scotland’s children and young people to be safe, to fulfil their potential and enjoy the benefits of stable family life and social inclusion. Giving children the best possible start in life is at the heart of everything they do.

Sainsbury’s Bank has a great opportunity to work closely with Aberlour in different ways that will be rewarding and stretching for those who want to be more involved. A host of activities and events will take place to raise funds for and awareness of the great work they do.

You can find out more about Aberlour at their website.

A day to make a difference
Our 'Day to make a difference' initiative encourages Sainsbury's Bank employees to volunteer one day a year with a local charity or organisation of their choice .This isn’t part of their holiday entitlement. It’s a day given to them by the Bank to help them make a difference in their local community. Colleagues can do something individually or as part of a team. To date, colleagues have participated in a variety of activities including charity shop volunteering, clearing our local burns, decorating children's centres and even fruit picking…!

With each member of our team taking a day out of the office in the year, the bank is able to contribute 1800 hours of service to local charities and organisations.

Columba 1400
With the company's corporate values in mind, Sainsbury's Bank enrolled a number of employees on Columba 1400 programme.  Keen to allow colleagues the opportunity to develop through a range of different and diverse experiences, we enrolled 8 colleagues on the residential Gemini programme. Bank colleagues worked side by side with Columba graduates - young, ambitious people from challenging backgrounds. On this programme, preconceptions are challenged, leadership skills improved and new relationships are built.  The learning is two way, with opportunities for personal growth and improved communication skills.

Participation in the Columba 1400 Gemini programme also supports the final area of focus; providing 'a great place to work'.

Sainsbury's Bank is a proud volunteer in the Pilotlight programme.  This involves the partnership of some of our leading business people with charitable organisations and social enterprises.  The concept of 'Pilotlighting' is to encourage professionals  to give their time and expertise to small, ambitious charities, helping them develop into  sustainable and effective organisations.  As well as offering their expertise to these charities, our pilotlighters have drawn a lot from the experience.  Words such as "inspiring", "eye-opening" and "impressive" are used when describing the work of these charities with such limited resources but with incredible enthusiasm and commitment.

A great place to work

There is a structured system in place which enables colleagues to have a successfully and rewarding career at Sainsbury's Bank.  From the comprehensive and thorough induction programme for new recruits through to personal development plans, masterclasses, we'll provide support and guidance every step of the way., More information on personal development is included in the 'Grow with Us' section

To encourage colleague input and promote the open culture at Sainsbury's Bank, we've introduced a Colleague Engagement Forum.  Colleagues can raise concerns, ask questions and get important people matters on the corporate agenda, through this forum. The group also play a key role in supporting action plans from our Colleague Opinion Survey  

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