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6 financial signs you're finally adult-ing

Yes, you're over 18, but are you truly a grown-up if you haven't sorted out your finances?

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What to consider before buying a home in Europe?

It's a tempting proposition; upping sticks and splashing out on a home in Europe – which is why so many of us have done it.

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Money-saving dates for your diary

The festive season is expensive, let us help you save money now.

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What to buy now to save at Christmas

Christmas is expensive, but with a little bit of pre-planning you can save pounds

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What's your cash personality?

Spender, saver, splurger or something in between? Here's how to identify what your money mind looks like and how it can help you save.

By Sue Baker29/01/2015

Cut through the car-buying fog

Stay calm and in control with these tips for buying a car.

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