By Money Matters Team29/04/2016

What's your cash personality?

Spender, saver, splurger or something in between? Here's how to identify what your money mind looks like and how it can help you save.

By Sue Baker29/01/2015

Cut through the car-buying fog

Stay calm and in control with these tips for buying a car.

By Money Matters Team29/01/2015

Buying and selling a home

Whether you’re viewing a home to buy, or preparing your current home for sale, knowing what to look out for could save you time and money.

By Esther Shaw15/12/2014

Budgeting for big payments

Esther Shaw offers her tips on how to budget for occasional large payments you might have to make.

By Money Matters Team22/10/2014

Children's money saving chart

Use our money-saving dragon to encourage your child to start saving.

By Money Matters Team09/10/2014

Guide to credit scores

What makes up your credit score? What can impact on your credit score? We've answered the above and more in our guide to credit scores.

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