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The Insta-famous pets to follow now

By Money Matters Team 23/07/2020

Congratulations – you've hit the 200-followers mark on your Instagram account. Firework emojis! But wait, what's this? Who's this dog with two million followers? And why is this cat getting more than 100,000 likes for each picture they post? Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but there's a crew of animals who are racking up more likes-per-second than you can ever dream of – but with good reason.

From being cartoon-level cute to having the world's most inspirational rags-to-riches story, there's a legion of online furries with millions of obsessed followers. Here are our picks of the most loved cats and dogs that are about to break the internet. Follow them and get ready for a cuteness overload in your timeline.




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Name: Jiff

Instagram handle: @jiffpom

No of followers: 10.4 million

Why you should follow them: Because he's the closest thing to a teddy bear you'll ever see. Jiff overtook his original rival, Boo, to become one of the most loved Pomeranians online, and every new picture is another glimpse into the sweet world of this furry pup.


Name: Maru

Instagram handle: @marutaro

No of followers: 2.5 million

Why you should follow them: Arguably the best thing to come from Japan since ramen, this Shiba Inu is known as one of the happiest dogs on the 'gram. Whether he's beaming from an Eastern mountain range or getting zen in a temple, this pooch is bound to make you feel good about life when he pops up in your newsfeed.


Name: Tuna

Instagram handle: @tunameltsmyheart

No of followers: 2.1 million

Why you should follow them: He may have been dubbed the world's ugliest dog, but we think that's a little harsh. Yeah, he's a bit scrawny and has a serious underbite, but who doesn't love an underdog? Likely to provide several snorts of laughter when a new picture of him is posted.



Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.

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Name: Loki

Instagram handle: @loki_the_wolfdog

No of followers: 2 million

Why you should follow them: Is it a dog? Or is it a wolf? It's this conundrum that's amassed a legion of fans for outdoorsy Loki, who's regularly snapped becoming one with nature, from vast mountain ranges to chilling on vast pebbled beaches. To know this dog is to know yourself. Namaste.


Name: Agador

Instagram handle: @poochofnyc

No of followers: 190,000

Why you should follow them: His afro. We are not quite sure why this pup has a 'do to rival any Vidal Sassoon creation, but we're into it. Especially when he throws it back with a sassy '70s disco outfit and with a hip pair of shades that just scream “cool dude”.



"‪Do u REALLY think I'd give u a bite?‬" -Doug

A post shared by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

Name: Doug

Instagram handle: @itsdougthepug

No of followers: 4 million

Why you should follow them: Can a dog be a foodie? Because this pooch is clued up on way more food trends than we could dream of. From hoarding cronuts to enjoying a dirty burger or largerita – disclaimer: he doesn't actually drink these – Doug is not only a super popular dog, but also celebrates the delicious world of fast food, too.



Ham is so magical that sometimes he looks like a painting... #mustachecat

A post shared by - Hamilton The Hipster Cat - (@hamilton_the_hipster_cat) on

Name: Hamilton

Instagram handle: @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

No of followers: 798,000

Why you should follow them: His moustache alone is the envy of any cold-brew-coffee-swilling, penny-farthing-riding hipsters of East London. And while Hamilton could write the book on being cool, he's probably far too busy penning alt-folk ukulele songs for a new album on Bandcamp.




As far as BUB is concerned, this entire month is her birthday. #bubirthday #lilbub

A post shared by Lil BUB (@iamlilbub) on

Name: Lil Bub

Instagram handle: @iamlilbub

No of followers: 2.4 million

Why you should follow them: Because the story of Lil Bub is worthy of feature-length film treatment. A bankrupt musician found Lil Bub in a shed in Indiana, where she had been left as a runt of the litter because of her dwarfism. But, internet stardom beckoned for this kitty, after all, who couldn't fail to love that adorable face with a little pink tongue that's perpetually hanging out?



Ran into an old photo 😂#catconawards #freshestloaf

A post shared by Waffles (@waffles_the_cat) on

Name: Waffles

Instagram handle: @waffles_the_cat

No of followers: 920,000

Why you should follow them: When Waffles was born, people said they were too ugly to be adopted. Granted, Waffles doesn't really have any ears to speak of, but looks great when dressed up in topical outfits like his take on The Handmaids Tale, or when posing in a slice of bread. Also Waffles has a sweet line in merch, too.




It's leg day, bro.🏋️ #tbt

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Name: Coby

Instagram handle: @cobythecat

No of followers: 1.8 million

Why you should follow them: Because, believe it or not, this cat isn't a CGI creation; he's really that purrfect. With soft snowy-white fur and piercing blue eyes, he's built up quite the following - one super-fan even asked if Coby would be their prom date. Let's hope they had a kitty litter tray handy.

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