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Car Insurance

Enhanced key cover

Tailor your car insurance policy with optional extras

What is car key cover?

We’ve all been there. Checking our pockets dozens of times for missing keys. Our enhanced key cover is optional, but let’s face it, if your car keys are lost or stolen, you’re going to feel quite relieved to have it.

It won't bring your keys back there and then, but it could save you money and get you back on the road quicker. 

Key cover is sometimes called key insurance or key protection. It pays towards the cost of recovering or replacing your keys if they're lost, stolen or damaged. And the good news is claiming won’t affect your no-claims discount

What’s covered?

Lost or stolen car keys can be upsetting and stressful, we can't deny that. But we can help cover the costs. You’ll get up to £1,500 (including VAT) worth of cover if your keys are lost, stolen (you will need a crime reference number) or damaged. 

We’ll also help you out by:

  • Replacing your lock and key
  • Reprogramming your alarm and immobiliser
  • Getting you back into your car if your keys are locked inside
  • Covering the cost of public transport – keep the receipts
  • Providing three days' car hire (up to £75 per day) if you're stranded far from home
  • Giving you access to our 24-hour emergency helpline

And if your house keys are with your missing car keys, we’ll:

  • Replace your locks and keys
  • Get you back into your home if your keys are locked inside

This cover also extends to any other keys you might have, such as for your office or gym. You’ll need to cover the cost initially, then claim it back.

What's not covered?

There are a few things our key protection won’t cover, for example:

  • Stolen car keys without a crime reference number
  • Public transport or taxi fares without receipts or tickets
  • Car hire, unless it's arranged through AXA Assistance

For full details of exclusions, have a look at our policy documents

Get more mileage from your car insurance

For fuss free motoring, you can tailor our car insurance to suit you. Choose from fully Comprehensive or Third Party, Fire and Theft cover and a selection of optional extras, including:

Rewards for Nectar members 

We’ll  give you a guaranteed discount* with our car insurance. Don’t worry if you’re not a Nectar member yet. Just download the Nectar app or head to to sign up and start saving  straightaway.

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Any questions? 

You might find the answer among our car insurance FAQs. Or if you need to get in touch, our friendly team will be happy to help.

Terms and conditions 

*Guaranteed discount for Nectar members: The discount is based on information related to you and the Sainsbury’s and Sainsbury’s Bank transactions linked to your Nectar account. For more information on how we use your data, go to


Sainsbury’s Bank Car Insurance is arranged and administered by Sainsbury’s Bank and is underwritten by a carefully selected range of insurers. When you get a quote we will tell you who the insurer is before you buy the policy.