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Get a car insurance quote

You can get a quote for car insurance online now. Before you do, please read the information below.

This information is important because:

  • We’ve made assumptions that will form the basis of any insurance policy you are offered
  • There is information about how we will use your personal information
I confirm that I've read the important information and agree with how my personal information will be used.


Important information

We'll save the details you give us for your insurance quote – but not the actual quote. That's because insurance prices change all the time. So if you don't buy your cover now, you can come back later and we'll give you an up-to-date quote with our best price there and then.

What you'll need when applying:

  • Your Nectar card (if you have one) – as a Nectar  member you’ll get a guaranteed discount‡ 
  • Car Registration number (if you haven't bought the car yet, you can still get a quote to get an idea of how much the insurance might cost)
  • Driving licence details for all named drivers
  • Details of any No Claims Discount
  • Details of any claims or driving offences

To make sure our insurers and credit providers have all the information they need to assess your insurance risk, verify your identity, to help prevent fraud and to provide you with their best possible premium and payment options, they might get information from third parties when they give you a quote, renew your policy and if policy amendments have been requested. By continuing with this quote, you are agreeing to this.

We've made some assumptions - please read

Read the statements below and confirm they're all true. If any aren't true, please contact us.

  • The car you're insuring is kept at the address you entered on the quote and the people who will be driving the car live in the UK permanently 
  • You've told the DVLA about any disability or medical condition that needs to be disclosed and you've got evidence of their approval to drive
  • Nobody named on this policy has unspent non-motoring convictions or prosecutions pending for any criminal offence, like theft, dishonesty, fraud or drug/drink related offences
  • Nobody named on the quote has been refused a motor insurance policy before, had a policy voided or had special terms or conditions imposed on them
  • The car you're insuring isn't impounded by the police or other authorities at the moment
  • Any provisional drivers licence is a UK provisional drivers licence

If you have any no claims discount, ensure:

  • It has been built up in your own name in the UK
  • It isn't being used for another vehicle 
  • You've got proof of your no claims discount from your last insurer that you built up on a policy that has not been cancelled for more than two years

The car you're insuring must be privately owned. We can't insure any of the following:

  • Motorcycles
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Motor homes/caravans
  • Non-EU imports
  • Cars without a valid UK registration number
  • Cars with a Q registration
  • Cars registered outside the UK or Northern Ireland
  • Cars used or driven for / in: driving tuition, motor trade, the carriage of goods or people for hire or reward, trade or delivery purposes, racing, rallies, track days or competitions or similar motor sporting event, pace-making, speed testing, or used in any connection with any event at the Nurburgring Nordschleife

How we will use your data

Any personal information you provide may be used in a number of ways, for example:

  • To verify your identity
  • For fraud prevention
  • For statistical analysis

To make sure we and our insurers have all the information needed to assess your insurance risk, verify your identity, to help prevent fraud and to provide you with your best possible premium and payment options, information about you may be obtained from, and shared with, third parties including credit reference or fraud prevention agencies. This may be done when you get a quote, renew your policy or request any amendments to your policy.

If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering.

Please read more about how we will use your information for further details.

Responsible Lending and Credit Referencing

As a responsible lender we are committed to ensuring that our customers can afford the products that we offer. To do this we complete an affordability assessment, which includes a credit search that will leave a record on your credit file.

When we provide a quote, we do a 'soft search' of your credit report. This gives us a snapshot of your key information without affecting your credit score or leaving a credit footprint for other lenders to see.

If you decide to purchase your insurance, and apply for credit through paying by our insurance premium finance instalment facilities, we will give details of your account and how you conduct it to our credit reference agency. This will leave a record on your credit file converting the ‘soft search’ in to what is known as a ‘hard search’, meaning it will be visible to other lenders and could affect you if you apply for credit in future.

If you borrow and do not repay in full and on time, we may cancel your insurance and your insurance finance. We will inform our credit reference agency who will record the cancellation of the credit agreement.

‡Guaranteed  discount for Nectar members 
The discount is based on information related to you and the Sainsbury’s and Sainsbury’s Bank transactions linked to your Nectar account. For more information on how we use your data, go to

Sainsbury’s Bank Car Insurance is arranged and administered by Sainsbury’s Bank and is underwritten by a carefully selected range of insurers. When you get a quote we will tell you who the insurer is before you buy the policy.