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Home Emergency Cover

We’re here to support you through life's little emergencies

Add our home emergency cover

It's good to be prepared for life's little emergencies. If you're stuck with no heating when the boiler breaks down or up to your ankles in water with a burst pipe, our extra home emergency insurance can save the day – and your wallet. Home emergency cover comes as standard with our home plus home insurance.

What is home emergency insurance?

You can add our home emergency cover to your home insurance, for an additional cost. You can then call us 24 hours a day if disaster strikes. So if you're suddenly faced with a blocked drain or a broken boiler, we'll send one of our authorised contractors as soon as we can.

What we cover

We class an emergency as a sudden, unexpected event that puts you and your family, your things or your home at risk – or something that makes your home uninhabitable.

In fact, we cover all sorts of emergencies to do with:

  • Plumbing or drainage
  • Failed electrics
  • Home security problems, like a smashed window or a broken lock
  • Pest infestations – like hornets, rats or mice
  • Your gas and electricity
  • Boiler and heating system breakdowns.

For a full list of what our emergency home cover insures you against, take a look at our policy documents.

As soon as we know what the problem is, we'll arrange the right tradesman for you, and pay up to £1,000 (including VAT) for an emergency repair.

But it's not just about fixing the problem. When you call, we'll give you advice on how to protect you and your family, and your home, in the meantime. And if you can't live at home for a while, even after the problem is fixed, we'll reimburse you up to £250 for other accommodation and travel.

What's not covered?

We only pay for the emergency repair with this extra cover – we don't pay for any damage caused by the emergency. But it might be covered under another part of your home insurance.

There are a few other things we don't cover too. Conditions, exclusions and limitations apply. Have a look in our policy document for a full list of conditions.

Here are some of the main things to remember.

Our home emergency insurance doesn't cover you for:

  • Loss or damage caused by something you knew about before you bought your policy
  • Loss or damage when you didn't contact us to arrange a repair
  • Anything caused by equipment or services your utility companies are responsible for
  • Damage caused when you or your contractor tried to repair or modify your home
  • For normal maintenance that you need to take care of
  • Repairing or replacing pipework outside your home
  • Repair costs covered by any guarantee or warranty.

Looking for even more peace of mind?

You can add our extra accidental damage cover for your home – just in case you drill through a cable or cut through a water pipe.