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Most recent Motoring articles

Electric cars

Published September 2022

Thinking about buying an electric car? Read our blog to find out more about electric vehicles, hybrids and plug in hybrid cars before you make the call.

Car buying tips

Published September 2022

Hints and tips for those looking to buy their first car.

Car winter wonderland

Published November 2022

No one likes getting into a freezing cold car on winter mornings. Sainsbury’s Bank share hacks to make your car cosier and keep it running better in winter.

Guide to car maintenance

Published March 2023

Get tips on car maintenance from Sainsbury’s Bank. From keeping your car in a good condition to getting it serviced regularly, see how to care for your car.

Tips for buying a used car

Published March 2023

Wondering how to buy a used car? Try these helpful tips when buying a used car to make sure you get a great deal and a reliable vehicle that’s right for you. 

About to rent a car?

Published November 2022

These genius tips could save you money on your car rental. You’re welcome.