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Car ins urance with European cover

Car insurance

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Take your car on holiday with you

Planning a trip to Europe? If you're camping, city hopping or you just like the freedom to explore, you might want to take the car. And with our car insurance, we'll give you the cover you need while you're away. So you can just load up the boot and get out on the open road.

What is European car insurance?

With European car insurance, you get the cover you need to drive your car in most European countries. You usually get the minimum cover you must have in each country as standard, but many insurers will extend your cover – depending on how long you're away.

What we cover

Driving in a different country can be more of a challenge than driving at home. So it makes sense to extend your policy to match your usual cover while you're away. All you need to do is let us know you're going, and we'll up your cover automatically.

That means you get the insurance required by law to drive in any EU country, and any that follow EU directives on car insurance. It will also be approved by the EU commission, plus it'll include your normal level of cover.

With our Comprehensive Cover, we'll give you up to 90 days of your full cover to drive in any EU country, as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

And with Third Party, Fire and Theft, we'll give you up to 35 days in those countries.

When you're covered

We can only give you your full cover for European car insurance if your permanent home is in the UK and you're only visiting Europe temporarily.

If you need your full cover for more than your 35 or 90 days, give us a call and we'll let you know how much it'll cost to extend it.

Car trouble?

You can add our optional extra RAC Breakdown Cover with European Breakdown to make sure that car trouble doesn't stop your holiday fun.

Get more mileage from your policy

For fuss free motoring, we’ve got some handy extras that you can add, for an additional cost, to make your policy work harder for you –