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Home insurance with mobile phone and gadget cover

Home insurance with mobile phone and gadget cover

Protect all your devices with one policy

Contents cover with insurance for your handheld gadgets

Our portable devices have become essential parts of everyday life – whether it's your all-singing-all-dancing tablet, or the mobile phone that's an extension of your arm. And they don't come cheap, which is why we offer gadget cover as part of our contents cover, to secure your tech at home or away.

Why have gadget and phone insurance?

We take our devices everywhere with us, whether we’re working on-the-go, keeping in touch with friends and family, or snapping photos on holiday. And this makes them particularly vulnerable to loss, theft and damage. Phone and gadget insurance covers almost every device you could own, including mobile phones, laptops, cameras, gaming devices, tablets, and GPS systems.

Our home insurance with cover for mobile phones and handheld devices is ideal for families that own a lot of tech. And if you choose to add personal possessions cover to your policy for an extra cost, your gadgets will be protected outside of your home too.

Do you need insurance for your mobile phone and electronics?

Many of us rely on portable technology that allows us to stay connected wherever we are in the world. Losing your mobile phone or laptop for even a few days could cause a lot of inconvenience. It can happen to anybody; dropping your phone during your morning commute or spilling coffee on your tablet.

Contents insurance with mobile phone and gadget cover aims to give you peace of mind that your go-to devices are insured against a potentially costly mistake. Having the right protection in place could help reduce the stress and cost of misplacing or damaging a device – in the UK or abroad.

A good place to start when thinking about investing in insurance with gadget cover is to add up the value of your household electronics. You should also consider lifestyle factors and the likelihood of damage or theft. For example, if you live in an area with a high crime rate or are away from home quite often.

What’s covered as standard?

Our contents cover can help protect your gadgets for theft and some of your gadgets for accidental damage as standard.

  Theft at home Accidental damage

Mobile Phone Optional extra
Camera Optional extra
Fitness Bands & Smart Watches Optional extra


Cover limits, exclusions and excesses may apply. For further information take a look at our policy documents.

Optional extra insurance for mobile phones and gadgets

You can get even more protection for devices like cameras and phones by adding our optional extras for an additional cost. This can help you minimise replacement costs if you accidentally drop your phone.

The table below shows you what you could get with our add-ons for accidental damage and personal possessions cover for mobile phones and gadgets.

  Accidental damage at home — with our contents accidental damage cover Loss, theft and damage away from home — with our personal possessions cover
Laptops Covered as standard with contents cover
Tablets Covered as standard with contents cover
Notebooks Covered as standard with contents cover
Mobile phones
Fitnes bands and smart watches


Cracking your mobile phone screen is a kick-yourself moment that many have experienced. By adding accidental damage protection to your contents insurance policy, you can help cover all of your devices and minimise the cost of repairs.

An excess will apply if you make a claim. Our standard excess is £100, but check your policy schedule to confirm the details and consider if your insurance meets your mobile phone and gadget cover needs. You can add excess cover to your insurance at an extra cost, meaning you could claim back the total excess if you make an eligible claim.

Personal possessions cover for phones and gadgets

Gadgets are designed to be portable, so of course you’ll want them to be covered when you’re away from home. When travelling on holiday, you might use your tablet to watch an in-flight movie or keep your camera at hand to snap the sights.

It’s easy to lose devices or have them at risk of being stolen abroad. Our personal possessions cover includes mobile and gadget insurance abroad, to help protect your devices around the globe – provided they’re kept with you or your family, at hotel security, in a safe, or somewhere similar.

View our policy documents for more information about gadget and mobile phone travel insurance, plus all other optional extras.

What’s not covered?

We make every effort to tailor your gadget and mobile insurance to your needs, but there are a few things we don’t cover. Our policy documents has full details of our conditions, but here are the main things to remember:

  • We won’t cover items if reasonable care has not been taken, e.g. if they are scratched or in poor condition
  • We won’t cover electronic data. This means things like downloaded music and films. However, you can safeguard all of your data by routinely backing it up

Our accidental damage cover and personal possessions cover will not insure you for theft, loss or damage to:

  • Any phones or gadgets you don't own
  • Any phones or gadgets you use or have for work

And you will not be insured for:

  • Damage caused by mechanical or electrical faults or breakdowns
  • Damage caused by or during cleaning, maintenance, repairs and restoration

Get a contents insurance quote with multi-gadget cover

Your favourite electronic devices can be costly when considering initial purchase price and monthly contract fees.

Our contents cover conveniently includes mobile phones and gadgets, and with optional extras that offer further protection, you’ve no need to purchase a separate policy.

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Any questions?

Please take a look at the frequently asked questions on our home and buildings insurance. Or check out our home insurance guides for tips on everything from how to value contents to a beginner’s guide to home insurance.