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Holiday cover for your pet

Pet travel insurance & holiday cover

Protecting your pet abroad

Provided by Pinnacle Insurance plc

Relax and unwind – we’ve got you covered

Whether you’re sightseeing with your Siamese cat or enjoying a beach break with your Beagle, our holiday cover will help make travelling with your pet easier.

We’ll provide:

  • Cover for overseas vet fees
  • Help with quarantine costs due to illness or misplaced travel documents
  • Cover for additional accommodation bills if your pet is lost or too ill to return as scheduled
  • Help with replacement travel documents for your pet, if they’re lost or stolen

What you’re covered for

We’ll cover costs in any country included in the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)* – up to the limits set out below and in your certificate of insurance.

Holiday cover for pets

Benefit Time limited £3,000 Lifetime £2,500 Lifetime £5,000 Lifetime £7,500
Overseas vet fees

NB this forms part of the overall vet fee allowance per year
£3,000 £2,500 £5,000 £7,500
Quarantine costs £1,000 £1,500 £1,500 £1,500
Loss of pet travel documents £250 £250 £250 £250
Emergency expenses abroad £1,000 £1,500 £1,500 £1,500

Please note that we won't cover the cost of any pre-existing conditions and that terms, conditions, excesses, exclusions and limitations apply. You can find out more about the terms of our cover in our policy documents or your personalised Certificate of Insurance.

The benefits of our pet holiday cover

We’ve included a wide range of benefits in our holiday cover for pets.

Our insurance covers your pets for 90 days abroad each year. They’re insured anywhere, so long as they’re in a country named in the PETS (England) Order 1999*, and you comply with all its rules including those on passports, microchipping and vaccinations.

Overseas vet fees

Overseas vet treatment is simply an extension of your standard vet fees cover – so all the same treatments are covered and any payment is part of your total maximum benefit for vet fees.

As long as the treatment is carried out by a veterinary surgeon registered and working in a country covered by the PETS, we’ll reimburse you the cost of treatments.

Find out more about vet fees cover

Quarantine costs

Our cover will help meet quarantine costs because of an illness your pet suffers from while abroad, or because your pet’s travel documents get lost or stolen.

Loss of travel documents

If your pet’s travel documents are lost, stolen or destroyed while you’re away, we can help. Our cover will pay £250 towards getting replacement documents.

Emergency expenses abroad

Our emergency expenses abroad benefit covers you while you’re in any country covered by PETS*.

We’ll pay up to the limits set out in your policy for:

  • Additional accommodation and homeward travel costs if your pet needs emergency vet treatment and you miss your scheduled departure back home
  • Additional travel and accommodation costs and expenses when trying to find pets that have gone missing while abroad, before your scheduled return home
  • Getting your pet back home if your cat or dog dies during your trip
  • Additional accommodation costs you have to pay while waiting for replacement pet travel documents if the originals are lost, stolen or destroyed
  • Additional travel costs to get back home if getting the replacement travel documents for your pet means you miss your scheduled departure


There are some things we don’t cover

In order to keep our insurance fair and as affordable as possible, our pet holiday cover won’t cover costs for:

  • Claims while in countries not covered by PETS* or that occur because you have not complied with the scheme’s requirements
  • Treatment without an official receipt that shows the vet’s address and phone number
  • Illnesses, injuries and/or symptoms you knew about before travelling
  • Faulty microchips you knew about before going on holiday
  • Treatment abroad unless a vet has agreed your pet is too ill to travel home on the scheduled date
  • Costs from trips made to get treatment abroad
  • More than 14 days extra accommodation or more than £30 for each day’s board
  • Any replacement pet travel documents if they were lost, stolen or destroyed before your trip
  • Replacement pet travel documents if you don’t report their loss, theft or destruction to the vet that issued them within 24 hours

Your policy documents set out our holiday cover in full.

Need vet advice while you’re abroad?

If you’re abroad and your pet starts to seem off or unwell, you can always speak to a vet nurse using Sainsbury’s Bank 24/7 Vet Assistance.

They’re on hand, day and night, to help with any non-emergency queries about your pet’s health and wellbeing – wherever you are in the world.

Make a claim

If you’re in a country covered by the PETS, please give us a call on 0344 543 1032 to make a claim. Alternatively, log in to My Pet Portal.

We’re here Monday to Friday, 8am–6pm and Saturday, 9am–1pm. Calls are charged at local rates from landlines and mobiles and may be monitored and recorded.

You’ll need to provide:

  • Evidence from the treating vet that your pet was too ill to travel home as scheduled when claiming for additional accommodation and repatriation costs
  • Evidence your dog was microchipped before going abroad
  • Receipts and bills for all the expenses claimed

Make a claim for overseas vet fees

When you make a claim for overseas vet fees, you’ll need to provide us with:

  • A receipt endorsed with the address and telephone number of the veterinary surgery who provided the treatment
  • A copy of your pet’s passport
  • A copy of veterinary notes from the treating vet

It’s a good idea to make sure your vet is happy to provide these details before they treat your pet.


What is the Pet Travel Scheme?

The Pet Travel Scheme, also known as PETS*, is a scheme set up to make it easier and safer to travel abroad with pets.

Designed to stop the spread of rabies and other diseases, PETS allows you to take your pet in and out of specific countries without quarantine. This is as long as you meet certain criteria, for example, having the right documentation, identification and vaccinations.

With our cover for overseas vet treatment, you’ll be insured for a maximum of one year while in any of the countries included in the PETS, as long as you meet all the requirements.

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Any questions?

If you’ve got a question about veterinary fees or travelling abroad with your pet, we might just have the answer.


Ready to protect your pet?

If you want pet insurance that helps covers the cost of vet fees abroad, you’re in the right place. Double check our policy documents to make sure you’re happy with the terms of our cover – then get going with your quote.


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