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Our buildings insurance

Your house isn't just a building it's also your home. So it would be no good if your central heating sprung a leak when you've just redecorated or if a branch came through the window in a storm. So when it comes to protecting your home, buildings insurance is a must-have.

What is buildings insurance?

Buildings insurance is the part of your home insurance that's for your actual property – rather than your belongings. It covers the structure of your house and includes things like windows and doors, walls and the roof, as well as permanent fittings like your built-in bathroom and fitted kitchen. Most mortgage providers will insist that you have Buildings Insurance as part of the terms of the mortgage agreement.

What we cover

With our buildings insurance, the fabric of your home is in good hands. You're covered for everything from loss or damage caused by things like fire, flood, lightning – even an earthquake – to malicious damage and vandalism.

Here are just some of the features you'll get as standard when you sign up:

  • Accidental damage cover – for your pipes and wires, your locks, and any damage done in the search for a leak – plus, for even more protection, you can add our optional extra Accidental Damage Cover for an additional cost.
  • Trace and access – we'll find and fix any water or oil leak from your home appliances or installations.
  • No claims discount – get a discount on your next year's premiums if you don’t make a claim.

Have a look in our policy document for a full list of what's covered by our buildings insurance – and what's not.

That's the house covered

But what about the contents? Our contents insurance will take care of your prized possessions.

Furnish your cover with our optional extras

Now you've laid the foundations with our standard cover, for an extra cost, you can build on it with our optional extras to give you, your family, and your treasured possessions even more protection.

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