Extra buildings accidental damage cover

You may be familiar with that heart-sinking feeling when you realise you've just drilled through a water pipe. If you are, then our extra buildings Accidental Damage Cover might be something to think about.

What is extra Accidental Damage Cover?

Accidental damage cover is extra insurance you can add, at an additional cost, to your policy. It covers the costs if your home gets damaged by mistake. Our home insurance policy has some accidental damage as standard, but the optional extra gives you even more protection.

What we cover

If you add our extra cover, we'll insure you for any mishaps like putting your foot through the attic floor, drilling through a water pipe or cutting through a cable. In a nutshell, it gives you extra protection against accidental damage to your home that isn't covered under the main buildings insurance policy.

What's not covered

There are some things we don't cover. Check our policy document for full details, but here are some of the main ones to remember. You're not covered for loss or damage:

  • Caused by bad workmanship
  • Caused by demolishing, altering or extending the building
  • Caused by mechanical or electrical faults or breakdowns

Accident prone?

Add our extra contents Accidental Damage Cover as well. So you'll be covered next time you spill red wine on your cream rug.