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Protect your home from unexpected mishaps

Accidental damage buildings insurance

Protect your home from unexpected mishaps

Accidental damage insurance covers your property

It's natural to take pride in your home and want a secure and safe place to live. But, accidental breakages can happen at any time. So it's good to know that some accidental damage cover is included as standard with our buildings insurance.

Being a homeowner means you assume responsibility for sorting out any repairs. If you have a busy lifestyle, it can be daunting to deal with a sudden property problem.

Protect yourself against unforeseen repair and replacement costs with the right accidental damage home insurance from Sainsbury’s Bank.

What is accidental damage insurance for buildings?

Buildings accidental damage cover is protection against the cost of repairing your home if your property is damaged by mistake. It covers you from unintentional physical damage caused by you or a visitor to your home.

Accidental damage typically comes as an optional extra, but our buildings insurance includes some cover as standard.

With our enhanced accidental damage cover, you’ll be insured for things like putting your foot through the attic floor. You can add this to your policy as an optional extra for an additional price.

What’s covered?

Our buildings insurance automatically protects your home against some unexpected events. Here are some common examples of things you’re covered for:

  • Accidental breakage of sanitary ware (e.g. wash basins, sinks and lavatory pans), fixed glass in windows and doors, and fitted ceramic hobs
  • Accidental damage to services including drains, pipes and cables that connect to your home. For example, if a blocked sewer pipe under your property needs to be broken because it can't be unblocked any other way, our policy covers up to £1,000 of the cost of breaking and repairing it

Home insurance with accidental damage cover for your building can also help protect you if fallen trees or branches cause damage to your property. We’ll take care of any breaks or obstructions resulting from strong winds, but this doesn’t include tree felling mishaps or intentional removals.

Some types of damage will come under buildings cover and some under contents insurance – it’s important to choose a policy that does what you need it to. Also be aware that cover limits, exclusions and excesses may apply. To find out more about what’s covered and what’s not, take a look at our policy documents.

What's not covered?

We try our best to tailor your insurance cover to exactly what’s needed for your home. Our policies protect you against a variety of accidents, but there are a few things we don’t cover. The main things are:

  • You’re not covered for scratches or blockages when it comes to sanitary ware, fixed glass and fitted ceramic hobs
  • With accidental damage to services, you're not covered for the cost of fixing damage to part of the pipe or cable above ground, or clearing drains or pipes above ground

Unfortunately, we can’t cover any damage caused by wear-and-tear or general maintenance of your building. This is because the damage is accrued over time rather than through a one-off accident.

It’s also advised that you use an accredited professional to make home improvements. Otherwise, you won’t be protected from problems arising from bad workmanship or the use of defective materials.

Accidental damage to the contents of your home, like computers and carpets, is not covered under buildings insurance. But we do have combined buildings and contents cover options available.

Take a look at our policy documents for details about accidental damage coverage. It’s important to note any exclusions in the policy you take out and make sure you understand what is covered, in case you have to make a home insurance accidental damage claim.

Our home insurance policies with accidental damage cover

If you live in rented accommodation, your landlord should have buildings insurance covered and you may only need contents insurance to secure your valuables.

If you’re a homeowner, our combined buildings and contents insurance can help protect your property and belongings under one comprehensive policy.

Learn more about our different cover options to decide what’s right for your home:

Buildings cover

This is designed to help protect the physical structure of your home, including the roof, doors, and fitted kitchen

Contents cover

This insurance helps cover your household furniture, valuables and gadgets from loss, theft and damage

Buildings and contents cover

A combined policy can help cover everything from electric cables to the bathroom if something goes wrong

Looking to add even more protection?

Many homeowners breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they’re covered in the event of an accident. You don’t know when a mishap could happen but with accidental damage cover you can be reassured that your property is protected 24/7.

To safeguard your property even further, you can add Enhanced Accidental Damage Cover to both our Buildings Cover and Contents Cover, for an additional cost.

Contents enhanced accidental damage cover

Be protected for mistakes like spilling paint on the carpet or getting food stains on the brand-new sofa

Buildings enhanced accidental damage cover

Secure your house against damage from putting a nail through a pipe or stepping through the attic floor

Accidental damage contents insurance

Keep valuables like laptops and furniture safe with our standard contents accidental damage cover

Optional extras for further peace of mind

For an additional cost, you can attach optional extras to our standard buildings cover. Take a look at how we can offer you, your family, and prized possessions even more protection:


Helpful guides

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Any questions?

Check out the frequently asked questions on our home and buildings insurance for more information.