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Motor Legal Protection

Car Insurance

Add our Motor Legal Protection

Having a car accident is stressful and upsetting enough – even when everyone involved has insurance and all the claims go to plan. But if someone is hurt or the damage isn't covered by an insurance policy, it's a different ball game. Our Motor Legal Protection can be added to your policy for an extra cost and it may be just what you need when court is the only option.

What is Motor Legal Protection?

It's car insurance legal cover you can add to your policy. It can help you cover your costs if you you need to go to court for an accident that wasn't your fault. It can also help you defend yourself if someone takes you to court.

Do I need legal cover on car insurance?

You don't have to have it by law, but it can be really useful. Say you find yourself unable to work after an accident, as well as covering legal fees, motor legal cover can help you recoup your lost earnings, or the money you've had to spend on medical bills, from the person to blame for the accident.

What we cover

If you add our optional Motor Legal Protection, we can help you with the cost of going to court:

  • when someone damages your car or injures you in an accident that's not covered by your insurance
  • to defend yourself against prosecution for a driving offence
  • to defend yourself in a contract dispute where you bought or sold goods or services relating to your insured car – including the car itself
  • to defend yourself against any claims that come up when someone used your car's identity without your permission.

You'll have access to our specialist lawyers. And you can call our 24-hour helplines if you need advice about the law, your lifestyle or health – or you'd like some counselling.

What's not covered

There are conditions and exclusions for each situation you claim for, so take a look at our policy document for full details. But here are a few general things to remember.

You're not covered:

  • if you didn't have a valid driving licence, Certificate of Insurance or MOT certificate
  • for any costs, fines or other payments you're ordered to pay by the court