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You can get a quote online now. Before you do, please read the information below.

This information is important because it contains:
- assumptions that will form the basis of any insurance policy you are offered, and
- information about how we will use your personal information.


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Important information

We'll keep hold of your details

We'll save the details you give us for your home insurance quote – but not the actual quote. That's because insurance prices change all the time. So if you don't buy your cover now, you can come back later and we'll give you an up-to-date quote there and then.

There's no credit footprint

When we do a quote, we only do a 'soft search' of your credit report to give us a snapshot of your key information. A soft search is where we take a look at your credit report to see if we can offer you insurance, but the fact that we looked doesn't show up on your report or affect your score.

We've made some assumptions about your home

Please read the statements below and confirm they're all true. If any aren't true, please call us on 0345 266 1603.

  • It's just you and your family that live in your home
  • It's in a good state of repair and will be kept that way
  • It's your permanent residence – not your weekend, weekday, or holiday home
  • It isn't used for any business trade or profession, apart from some occasional clerical work, and nobody visits your house as a client or a customer

We assume that you, and anyone living with you:

  • Don't have any convictions or unspent convictions for any criminal offence (other than a driving offence)
  • Have never had an insurance policy declined or voided, or had special terms or conditions imposed
  • Have never been declared bankrupt in the last 5 years or have any unsatisfied CCJs
  • Doesn't own a single valuable item (jewellery, artwork, etc.) worth over £15,000 or total valuables worth more than £25,000

Important information – how we will use your data

Personal information you provide may be used in a number of ways, for example:

  • To verify your identity
  • For fraud prevention
  • For statistical analysis

To make sure we and our insurers have all the information needed to assess your insurance risk, verify your identity, to help prevent fraud and to provide you with your best possible premium and payment options, information about you may be obtained from, and shared with, third parties including credit reference or fraud prevention agencies. This may be done when you get a quote, renew your policy or request any amendments to your policy.

If false or inaccurate information is provided and fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering.

Please read How we will use your information for further details.

By continuing with this quote, you confirm that you have read the information and agree that personal information you provide may be used in the ways described.