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There's no place quite like home. And we all want to keep it that way. But, sometimes things just don't go to plan. With Sainsbury's Bank Home Insurance, we'll be there to help you pick up the pieces and get things back to normal.

Our Home Insurance lets you choose the cover you need, whether it's buildings insurance, contents insurance or combined buildings and contents insurance. We also have some optional extras for even more protection – you can just choose what meets your needs. If you need some help, our useful guides might be just what you're looking for. With everything from how to value your home and contents to security tips for students, there's plenty there to give you a hand.

Here's a flavour of some of the things you could get when you buy a policy or optional extras you can add on for an additional cost:

  • Accidental damage cover - contents. Cover for things like your TV, DVD player or laptop in the home or garden is included in our contents and combined buildings and content cover as standard. You can also buy our optional extra Accidental Damage Cover, for an additional cost, to give you even more protection for your things, like spilling paint on your new carpet.
  • Cover for things like your fixed ceramic hob, sanitary ware and fixed glass – or in other words, your toilet, sink and glass in your windows and doors – is included with our buildings and combined buildings and contents insurance as standard. You can also buy our optional extra Accidental Damage Cover, for an additional cost, to boost your protection against things like putting your foot through the attic floor.
  • Personal Possessions Cover (optional extra at additional cost). Top up your home insurance so that your personal belongings are covered away from home too - in fact they'll be covered anywhere in the world.
  • Home Emergency Cover (optional extra at additional cost). Cover for emergency repairs following things like a burst pipe or a gas leak.

A little something extra

If you're taking out home insurance with us for the first time, we'll help you make your budget go that bit further:

  • Guaranteed discount for Nectar card holders‡

Not got a Nectar card?

It's free and you can get a Nectar card number straight away at, allowing you to get our extra perks. Just enter your Nectar card number when you're asked to. With your Nectar card you can also collect and spend Nectar points at Sainsbury's and with lots of other brands.

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‡Guaranteed discount for Nectar card holders: The discount is based on information related to you and the transactions you've made with Sainsbury's supermarket and Sainsbury's Bank using your Nectar card. For more information go to

Choose your cover

Explore our cover

Here's our home insurance at a glance — including our optional extras. So you can compare and choose what you need more easily.

What's included? Contents insurance Buildings insurance Buildings and contents insurance Optional extras - additional cover you can add to your policy for an extra cost
Accidental damage tick Some specific cover
tick Some specific cover tick Some specific cover
Add extra Accidental Damage Cover Buildings or extra Accidental Damage Cover Contents for more protection
Contents during a move tick cross tick Cover yourself against accidental damage at the hands of professional removal contractors by adding extra Accidental Damage Cover.
Student belongings tick cross
Jewellery tick with our valuable items cover cross tick
Trace and access (finding a leak) cross tick tick Add Home Emergency Cover for when things go wrong
Bikes tickup to £750 a bike cross tick up to £750 a bike Add Personal Possessions Cover to get bicycle cover away from home.
No claims discount tick tick tick  
Garden contents tick cross tick  
Special occasions tick cross tick  
Replacement keys and locks
tick tick tick Add Key Cover for even more benefits

For more detail about what's covered and what's not, have a look at our policy documents.

Buildings insurance

See what's covered as standard

Contents insurance

See what's covered as standard

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Find out what's included

Our home insurance covers you from floor to ceiling – and even out to the garden. We'll take care of your valuables and we'll protect your student's belongings while they're studying. Plus, we've got garden contents cover for your plants and patio furniture, and we'll even get on the case if your house gets a leak.

And that's before you look at our optional extras, which you can add for an additional cost. Whether it's extra Accidental Damage Cover for your clumsier days or Personal Possessions Cover when you're out and about, you can get the insurance you're after.

The essentials

Depending on whether you go for contents or buildings insurance, or both, here are just some of the home insurance benefits you can get as standard when you sign up.

Student cover

Keep their things covered when they fly the nest

Garden contents cover

From trees to trampolines, the contents of your garden are covered

Trace and access cover

Sprung a leak? Find and fix it with trace and access cover

Special events cover

We increase your contents cover by £7,500 on special occasions

Household removal cover

One less thing to worry about when you’re moving house

Jewellery cover

Keeping your gems and jewels safe in the home

Bike cover

Keep your wheels protected at home

Mobile and gadget cover

Home Insurance with some cover for your mobiles and gadgets

Optional extras

Add a little extra cover to make your policy your own

Got a question?

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions

Optional extras

Give your insurance a boost

Once you've taken care of the basics, you might want to add a little extra cover, for an additional cost, to make your policy your own. If you're out and about a lot, the cover for your things can come with you. If you're prone to the odd DIY mishap, give your home a bit more protection – just in case.

Home emergency cover

From boiler breakdowns to kitchen floods, we’re here for you 24/7

Bike cover away from home

Covering your bike when you’re out and about, with our Personal Possessions Cover

Family legal protection

Cover your costs if you have to go to court for a private legal dispute

Key cover

Don’t get locked out in the cold

Personal possessions cover

Cover for your belongings when you’re out and about

Enhanced accidental cover - buildings

Beef up your cover, for things like putting your foot through the attic floor

Enhanced accidental cover - contents

To help you deal with things like the paint spill on the new carpet

After the basics?

We’ve got the essentials covered – plus some nice-to-haves.

Got a question?

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions

Existing customers

Already got home insurance with us?

Maybe you're looking to make a claim, add some extra cover to your policy, or change a few details. You might just have a question, or want to check what's covered.

You can do all that from here. Just tell us which of our policies you have and we'll point you in the right direction.

After more information?

Have a look at our frequently asked questions for more on how home insurance works and what we cover. We've also put together some helpful guides on everything from security tips for students and moving home to going green and protecting your home against storms.

And if you can't find what you're looking for, or you'd prefer to speak to someone instead, you can get in touch with us on the number below. We're on hand to help with whatever you need.


Helpful guides

Tools, guides and resources

A range of tools and guides to help you keep your home and personal belongings safe and secure.

Guide to home security

What is a valuable?

Guide to moving home

Guide to home insurance (PDF, 729KB)

Protecting against storm damage (PDF, 548KB)

What's covered under home insurance?

How to value your home and contents

How to go green at home (PDF, 869KB)

Avoid invalidating your insurance

Home insurance glossary

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