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Student contents insurance

Help them settle into university life

Contents insurance for students

When the day finally arrives for your teenagers to fly the nest, insurance cover will probably be the last thing you want to think about. So, it's a good job our home contents cover includes student contents insurance as standard, to help protect their valuables during term-time.

What is student contents insurance?

Contents insurance for students could protect valuables in the event of theft, loss or damage in student accommodation. This type of insurance is ideal for gadgets and technology, which you might buy brand new for the start of term.

Our student contents insurance is offered as part of your home cover, making things easier when your kids leave for university. 

With Sainsbury’s Bank, you’ve no need to invest in a second policy to help cover their belongings while they’re studying.

As long as their permanent address remains your UK home while they’re a student, your insurance will automatically cover them during term-time.  

Why get home insurance with student contents cover?

Buildings insurance is typically handled by landlords when renting, however, this might not cover an occupant’s belongings. Some universities offer student insurance for contents as part of rental contracts, but there’s no guarantee that this extends to high value items.

Students use their laptops and mobile phones daily to do coursework and keep in touch with family and friends. Having student insurance that helps cover gadgets and expensive equipment could mean you avoid costly replacements if they’re lost or damaged.

The move to university is challenging enough, from securing a place on their dream course and finding a room, to purchasing everything they need and settling in. Put your mind at ease about the safety of their belongings with appropriate student accommodation insurance.

Your child could end up living with other students in halls, or sharing a house with people they don’t know in an unfamiliar area. While adjusting to a new setting, the last thing they need is the fear of theft. Student home contents insurance can offer you both some peace of mind if anything is stolen from their flat or house.

What’s covered?

Contents cover – including contents insurance for students as standard – can help protect belongings that are lost or damaged in student accommodation. To qualify, your child needs to be in full-time education and living away from home. Students are covered wherever they are in the UK, and we could pay up to £5,000 for any one event. 

This table shows what’s covered and how you can increase your protection for an additional cost, with optional accidental damage insurance:

  Theft at home or term time accommodation Accidental damage
Mobile Phone Optional Extra
Camera Optional Extra
Fitness Bands & SMart Watches Optional Extra


What isn’t covered by our home insurance for students?

Unfortunately, personal possessions cover that insures belongings outside of the home is not available for students. 
There are also some conditions and exclusions on our standard student house insurance cover, so take a look at our policy documents for all the details. Here are some of the main things we don’t cover:

  • Bicycles, money and credit cards 
  • Loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft where no one forced their way in or out of the student's accommodation
  • Accidental damage (unless selected as an optional add-on)
  • Belongings when no-one was at home for more than 60 days in a row

Also, if your child’s living situation changes, it’s advised that you review your cover to find out exactly how their contents are protected going forward.

Protecting valuables 

Of course, our hope is that your children never need to make a claim. When moving into university accommodation, these tips on securing their room and belongings could help them avoid some common pitfalls:

  • They should always lock all doors and windows whenever heading out, so their room isn’t an easy target for thieves. This is important for students who have routines and are away from their rooms at particular times each week
  • They need to ensure valuables aren’t in plain view, especially if they live on the ground floor
  • They should get to know the people who live in the halls so it’s easier to spot anyone lingering around the building without reason
  • Remind them not to be flashy with new and expensive purchases in public areas that may draw attention to thieves
  • They should protect keys and fobs and be aware of who has copies so thieves can’t enter their property undetected

Get a UK student contents insurance quote 

With all the planning and expense that goes into helping your teenager settle in, contents insurance for student houses shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Make sure your insurance includes protection their belongings while they’re away, helping cover them against loss, theft and damage. 

Our contents insurance conveniently covers student accommodation, so valuables can be protected both at university and at your family home.

Just keep in mind that cover limits, exclusions and excesses apply. To find out more about what’s covered – and what’s now – take a look at our policy documents.


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