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How to look after your home

Our home insurance guides for homeowners and tenants

Buying a home or moving into a new flat is an exciting experience. But there’s a lot to plan for and think about — like what kind of home insurance to get and whether to use a professional removal company.

And once you’ve settled in there’s even more to think about. Is your home secure and are your possessions safe from burglars? Will your buildings and belongings be insured if stormy weather damages your home?

But don’t worry, keeping your home in good shape and your possessions safe is easy with a little know how. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of home insurance guides to help keep your home and personal belongings safe and secure.

Guide to home security

Reduce the risk of your home being targeted by opportunistic thieves. Covers locks, alarms and holiday precautions.

What is valuable?

Do you know what counts as a ‘valuable’? Our guide looks at the types of belongings you should evaluate and cover.

Guide to moving home

We’ve compiled moving home top tips so you can make sure the move goes off without a hitch.

Guide to home insurance

This home insurance buying guide maps out all the essentials to help you find the right cover for your property.

Protecting against storm damage

Be prepared for any weather with our guide on protection against storm damage.

What's covered under home insurance?

Get to grips with what you can expect your policy to include – and the optional extras you might need.

How to value your home and contents

Don’t leave your home or its contents under-insured. Our guide will help you understand exactly how much cover you need.

How to go green at home

Explore ways that you can make your home more environmentally friendly. From energy efficient boilers and LED lights to draft proofing and triple glazing.

Avoid invalidating your insurance

Minimise the risk of theft and damage in your home to give any insurance claims you have to make the best chance of success.

Guide to improving your home

Looking to make home improvements? Read our guide full of tips to home improvements, covering kitchens, bathrooms, extensions and much more.

Guide to high value items

Which belongings count as high value items? This guide offers tips on making sure any valuables you have are fully insured.

Got a question?

Take a look at the frequently asked questions on our home and buildings insurance.

Home insurance glossary

Feeling confused by home insurance jargon? Our glossary will help you navigate the many niche home insurance terms that crop up in policy documents and other related information.