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Special events cover

Protect the things that matter most

Our contents cover includes special events cover

Weddings, civil partnerships, births, and religious festivals are a special time for any family, but they do come with their own unique set of worries. With our contents insurance, you are covered at the time of a special event as standard. So the extra food, gifts and decorations are all covered. That's one less thing to worry about.

What is special events insurance?

Special events insurance protects the extra items you have in your home – like food, decorations and gifts – in the run up to, during and after celebrations, and during religious festivals like Christmas, Easter and Hanukkah.

What we cover

We offer an extra £7,500 of contents cover in the run up to and during your event. So you and your family can enjoy the occasion without worrying about whether the extra goodies in your home are covered under your policy.

You can increase your cover for special events up to six times during the period of your policy for no additional cost.

How long does it last?

We'll increase your contents cover:

  • During the month of a religious festival
  • For four weeks before and four weeks after your wedding day or civil partnership ceremony
  • For four weeks before and after you have a baby or adopt a child

What else you can do to protect your home during a celebration

If you've bought expensive presents, make sure you don't leave empty boxes outside your home for too long: it announces to burglars that you have valuable, new items in your home.

After a bit more detail?

Limits, exclusions and excesses may apply, check our policy document for more information. And for more tips on keeping your home safe and sound, take a look at our guide to home security.

Furnish your cover with our optional extras

Now you've laid the foundations with our standard cover, why not build on it with our optional extras to give you, your family, and your treasured possessions even more protection.