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Combined home buildings and contents insurance

Combined home buildings and contents insurance

Protect your home and your most precious items with our combined home buildings and contents insurance

Our buildings and contents cover

With all the time and effort you put into making a house a home, it's a good idea to make sure you've got everything from the walls to the wellies covered. And our combined buildings and contents insurance could be just the thing.

What is buildings and contents insurance?

With building and contents insurance – sometimes called house and contents insurance – you're covered for repairs or replacements when it comes to damage, loss and theft. Things like the walls and roof, fixtures and fittings are taken care of with buildings cover. And your personal belongings, including clothes, furnishings and jewellery, are protected by contents cover.

What we cover

With our buildings and contents cover, you get all the features of our buildings cover and our contents cover in one neat package. We'll cover your home and your belongings if they're damaged by things like vandalism, flooding or a storm – even an earthquake. We'll also help with your costs if something gets lost or stolen.

Here are just some of the things you'll get as standard when you buy our cover:

  • Buildings cover – up to £1 million sum insured as standard
  • Contents cover ‐ up to £75,000 sum insured and up to £2,000 for a single valuable item as standard
  • Accidental damage cover – for things like your drains and pipes, your TVs and games consoles, plus you can get even more protection if you add our optional extra accidental damage cover for an additional cost
  • Trace and access – we'll find and fix any water or oil leaks from your home appliances or installations
  • Mobile phone and gadget cover – you're covered if they're stolen in your home, plus you can add personal possessions cover for when you're out and about
  • Jewellery cover – we'll pay up to a maximum of £25,000 for jewellery that is stolen or damaged
  • Bike cover – if your bike is taken from your home, we'll pay up to £750 to replace it, and you can add personal possessions cover, for an extra cost, which covers your bike when you're away from home

Have a look in our policy document for a full list of what's covered by our buildings and contents insurance – and what's not.

Cover limits, exclusions and excesses may apply.

If you don't need the belt and the braces...

You can buy our contents cover or buildings cover separately.

Furnish your cover with our optional extras

Once you've laid the foundations with our standard cover, for an extra cost you can build on it with our optional extras to give you, your family, and your treasured possessions even more protection.

If you’ve already paid a little extra and gone with our home plus cover, you’ll benefit from home emergency cover and family legal cover as standard.

A policy to suit you

Not sure if you need combined buildings and contents insurance? You can buy ours separately. Compare our types of home insurance to find what’s right for you.

Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance covers the structure of your house and includes windows, walls and the roof, as well as your bathroom and fitted kitchen.

Contents insurance

Maybe you’re renting or already have your building insured? Get a home contents insurance quote for things like jewellery, bike cover and accidental damage.

Compare our home insurance

Choose from two levels of home insurance: home and home plus. See what’s covered and what’s not with this quick guide.

Buildings and contents insurance quote

To take out buildings and contents insurance, you’ll need to have a good idea of what your home and belongings would cost to replace.

Your buildings insurance cost isn’t based on the market value of your home, you’ll need to know what it would cost to rebuild it from the ground up. You might have this number from a recent valuation. But if not you can get an indication with the Association of British Insurers’ house rebuild cost calculator.

When you add up the total value of your belongings, remember your Sainsbury’s Bank policy is new for old. This means if your contents are damaged as a result of an insured event you can expect to have the item replaced with a new one. So ask yourself what it would cost to replace everything today. For some more pointers, check out our guide to valuing contents.

And our guide to home and contents insurance gives you lots more information on what to consider as you choose your policy.

Optional extras for your home insurance policies

You've laid the foundations with Sainsbury’s Bank’s standard buildings and contents insurance. Now you can choose to buy a range of extras to create insurance cover that fits your life. Maybe you’re a keen cyclist, or you’ve got a toddler around the house? You can tailor your policy and just pay for the add-ons you need to give you and your family even more protection.

If you’ve already paid a little extra and gone with our home Plus cover, you’ll benefit from home emergency cover and family legal cover as standard.


Got a question?

Please take a look at the frequently asked questions on our buildings and contents insurance. For hints and tips, check out our guides for all things home insurance.