Keeping you moving

Out on the open road, doing your bit to cut pollution – we see the appeal of cycling. But bikes are a big hit with thieves, too. That's why our home insurance comes with bike cover.

What is bicycle insurance?

Bike insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your bike if someone steals it or it gets damaged while it's on your property.

What we cover

With our home contents insurance, cycle cover comes as standard, which means your pedal cycles are protected from theft, loss and accidental damage while they're in your home, kept in your shed or garage, or locked up in your garden. That includes bikes, trikes, unicycles cycles and any other kind of pedal cycle. We cover them for up to £750.

What's not covered

Our bicycle cover doesn't cover your bike for:

  • Loss or damage while it's being used for racing, rallies, pacemaking or trials
  • Loss of or damage to accessories or tyres unless they are damaged/taken at the same time as your bike
  • Theft while the bike is unattended, unless it's in a locked building or securely locked to a permanently fixed structure

After a bit more detail?

Check the policy document. And for tips on keeping your home and belongings safe and sound, take a look at our guide to home security. Remember to check that the policy and excess meet your cover needs.

Want to cover your bike away from home?

You can add Personal Possession Cover, for an additional cost, if you'd like to protect your bicycle while you're out and about. When you're getting your quote, just tell us that you would like bike cover as part of your Personal Possessions Cover.

Furnish your cover with our optional extras

Now you've laid the foundations with our standard cover, for an extra cost you can build on it with our optional extras to give you, your family, and your treasured possessions even more protection.