Bicycle insurance

Increasingly, cycling is becoming a popular choice of transport in the UK as more and more people discover the fitness benefits and the potential to beat the traffic to work.

Once you’ve made the decision to cycle, chosen your bicycle and found the best cycle routes the next question is how to protect it.

Cover for your bicycle

Sainsbury’s contents insurance can help protect your bicycle from loss, damage and theft. Protection also extends to electrically powered bicycles and any accessories stolen with the bike.

Looking after your bicycle at home

Your bicycle will be covered under your contents policy, while it’s within the boundaries of your home and kept in a locked building such as a garage or shed or immobilised by a security device like a bike lock.

Hitting the road

If you want to protect your bicycle outside of your home you can look at personal possessions cover. This will insure your bicycle against accidental loss, damage and theft in the UK as well as up to 60 days abroad.

Personal possesions cover is included as standard with Sainsbury's Premier Home Insurance and can be added to Sainsbury's Home Insurance as an optional extra.

Again, when you’re not using the bicycle you must keep it safe in a locked building or protected with a security device.

Value limits

Sainsbury’s Home Insurance will provide protection for bicycles, up to the value of £500, while Sainsbury’s Premier Cover Home Insurance gives you a limit of £1,000.

If the bicycle you want to protect is worth more, you can specify it in the schedule. You will need to call to do this. Items specified in the schedule should not exceed a total of £20,000 when added together.

Bicycles used for professional racing, pacemaking or trials are excluded. The underwriter will not pay more than £2500 ( Sainsbury's Home Insurance) or £5000 (Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance) for any contents claim following a theft from your garages or outbuildings. This information applies to customers who took out a policy after 31st January 2012 and new customers only.

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