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Having to take your car in to be fixed is always a pain – especially when you've got things to do and people to see. That's where a courtesy car comes in handy. And even better, with our comprehensive car insurance you get one as standard.

What is a courtesy car?

A courtesy car is the car your insurer gives you to use while yours is being fixed following an insurance claim. Some insurers include it in your insurance automatically, but with others you can add it as an optional extra.

Comprehensive car insurance? You're covered

A courtesy car comes as standard with our Comprehensive Cover. So if you make a claim on your insurance and your car goes in for repairs, you won't need to fork out for taxis or brave public transport to get around while you wait.

What you get

We'll arrange a small hatchback for you to use until your car is fixed and your insurance policy will cover this car.

What's not covered

You won't get a courtesy car:

  • If you're only claiming for windscreen or window damage
  • For longer than it takes to repair your car
  • If your car is stolen or written off
  • If your car is being repaired due to wear and tear
  • If you don't use one of your insurer's nominated repairers

Your car insurance will only cover you to drive the courtesy car within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

You'll need to take care of any parking, speeding or other fines you get and the cost of fuel while using the car.

Have a look at our policy documents for more detail on what is and isn't covered.

Does size matter?

If our small hatchback isn't going to cut it for you size-wise, you can add, for an additional cost, our optional extra Guaranteed Courtesy Car Cover for one a similar size as your car for 14 or 21 days.

Got Third Party Fire and Theft insurance?

You don't have to miss out. You can add our Guaranteed Courtesy Car Cover to your policy.

Get more mileage from your policy

For fuss free motoring, we’ve got some handy extras that you can add, for an additional cost, to your policy to keep you on the road for longer: