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Trace and Access Cover

Trace and Access Cover

Cover the costs of repairing a leaking pipe

What is trace and access cover?

If you have a water leak in your home, you’ll want to find the source immediately. And, while alarm bells might start ringing, don’t panic.

Trace and access insurance covers the cost of finding the source and fixing any damage made in the process. If you notice water leaking in your home, it might be a problem with the pipework behind the walls or floor and you should act quickly.

Locating a leak in your home - from pipes, meter lines or central heating - is called trace and access. It's an important part of your home insurance, and without it, you could be left with a large bill. As well as the cost of putting right any damage.

What’s covered?

With our buildings insurance policy, trace and access insurance is included as standard. So, you can find the problem and deal with the damage sooner rather than later.

The trace and access costs are covered when you find:

  • Escape of water from any domestic appliance or fixed domestic water installation - or freezing of water in fixed domestic water or heating systems
  • Escape of oil from any fixed domestic oil installation

Our trace and access cover will pay up to £10,000 for any single event. This includes removing and replacing any part of the building necessary to find and correct the source of the leak. For example:

  • Finding the source of leaks from tanks, pipes, appliances and heating systems
  • Removing and replacing any part of your home or fittings in the process
  • Repairing any burst pipes

Just keep in mind that cover limits, exclusions and excesses apply. To find out more about what’s covered – and what’s not – take a look at our policy document and home insurance guide.

What's not covered?

Home insurance trace and access cover insures you for identifying and mitigating leaks in your home. However, it doesn't include the cost of repairing tanks, appliances or heating systems. Check your home insurance policy to see if these are already covered.

Identifying a leak

Water dripping, but unsure if you have a leak? A few tell-tale signs can help, such as damp patches on walls or ceiling, a musty smell, or if you receive a metered bill that shows a larger usage than normal.

If you suspect or can confirm a leak, contact us first if possible. We’ll then put you in touch with an emergency plumber, heating engineer or your utility company.

The most common sources of leaks are:

  • Toilets
  • Taps and tap washers
  • Radiators
  • Corroded pipes
  • Meter lines

If you think you might have a gas leak, you should immediately call the National Gas Emergency Service on: 0800 111 999.

Review all of your home insurance options

Trace and access cover comes as standard under your buildings home cover. But leaks and other incidents can be damaging to your possessions as well as the structure. Consider adding contents cover to extend protection to your belongings, or you can select building and contents insurance for a full-package deal.

Buildings cover

Cover for your property’s structure and permanent fittings

Contents cover

Cover for all of your belongings at home

Buildings and contents cover

Secure your whole home and what’s inside with one full-package deal

Make your home watertight with extra coverage

To help protect your home and belongings from other accidents and emergencies, consider boosting your policy with our optional extras for an additional premium.

  • Accidental damage cover - contents – this essential contents protection helps to plug the gaps and cover things a water leak and other accidents might damage
  • Accidental damage cover - buildings – cover the cost of repairing or replacing your mistakenly damaged property, such as drains, pipes and cables
  • Home emergency cover – prepare for the unexpected. Cover costs for emergency repairs for things like a burst pipe, broken boiler or a gas leak
  • Family legal protection – cover the costs of going to court for a private legal dispute.
  • Personal possessions cover – cover for your items both inside and outside your home – including your mobile phone and gadgets. This also includes bike cover away from home

Any questions?

Please take a look at the frequently asked questions on our home and contents insurance. If you’re looking for tips for making the most of your home, check out our helpful guides.