Home Emergency

Whether you encounter a break in which leaves your home vulnerable, or a power cut that leaves your home freezing, it's reassuring to know help is at hand for your property.

Home Emergency is included with Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance, or can be added for an extra premium to Sainsbury's Home Insurance.

In which situations might the cover be useful?

  • Break ins - making your home secure after a burglary
  • Boiler failure - to ensure your home stays warm
  • Gas pipe repair - to help resolve serious safety hazards

How are emergencies determined under Sainsbury's home insurance?

Emergencies are defined as incidents in the home that occur during the period of (and covered by) insurance which, if not dealt with quickly, will:

  • make the home unsafe or insecure
  • cause damage to the home and its contents
  • result in the home losing its main source of heating, lighting or water (hot or cold)

Cover includes:

  • Payment for the cost of emergency assistance if the locks in external doors or windows of your home have been damaged or unexpectedly fail to function
  • Repairs to plumbing and drainage, including underground external drainage - payment for the cost of emergency assistance
  • Repairs to electrical supply
  • A break down of the home's main source of heating

What else might be covered?

If there is an emergency in your home, the insurer may:

  • Tell you how to immediately protect yourself and your home
  • Send an authorised repairer to your home or arrange an appointment for one
  • Organise and pay for emergency assistance, typically the cost of the call out, labour and parts
  • Arrange alternative accommodation if your home becomes uninhabitable; and/or transport to the accommodation

Checking for exclusions

If you're not sure what's covered check your policy carefully. Typically policies might not cover:

  • The repair of paths and driveways that need to be lifted in order to deal with an emergency
  • Detached garages and outbuildings

You can find full details for Sainsbury's Home Insurance and Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance here.

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