Cover for loss and theft of keys

Many of us might have been in the situation where our keys are lost, or worse, stolen. Despite checking our pockets and bags a dozen times they simply do not turn up.

Thankfully, Sainsbury's Home Insurance comes with the following cover for keys and locks:

  • Sainsbury’s Home Insurance – unlimited cover for stolen or lost keys
  • Sainsbury’s Premier Cover Home Insurance - unlimited cover for stolen or lost keys, plus Keycare as standard

What is Keycare?

This offers assistance in the recovery, or replacement of, lost or stolen keys.

You’ll be sent a key fob which you can attach to several keys, for example those for your house, car, garage or office etc.

Keycare is available with both Sainsbury’s home insurance products, but is only included as standard with a Sainsbury’s Premier Cover Home Insurance policy.

Benefits of Keycare

  • Emergency Helpline open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Annual protection for keys that have been permanently lost to cover the cost of replacement keys, locks and car hire up to £1000
  • Access to a nationwide network of locksmiths
  • Fast track claims service
  • A registered key fob to assist in the safe return of missing keys
  • Keys for any lock are covered (including keys to commercial premises), provided they are attached to your key fob

How does Keycare work?

Be sure to write down your unique key fob number and prefix located on the back of your key fob, on the reverse of your helpline card, and in your Sainsbury’s Keycare Policy booklet. This information will be of use if you need to make a claim.

Further information will be included in the Keycare policy booklet.

Will my No Claims Discount or Excesses be affected?

No. In the event of a claim there is no excess to pay on your policy and any no claims discount on your Sainsbury's policy will not be affected.

How do I make a claim?

If the keys attached to the key fob are lost up to three days, the claim can be submitted by calling 0345 303 4014. A claim can be made immediately if keys are stolen. Keycare works on a pay and claim basis, therefore all original receipts for costs incurred due to lost keys or stolen keys must be retained.

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