Personal possessions

Personal possessions cover will provide insurance for items such as jewellery and laptops when you’re out and about.

This feature is included with Sainsbury’s Premier Cover Home Insurance and can be added to Sainsbury’s Home Insurance as an optional extra.

Mobile phones, laptops & cameras

It insures possessions which you would normally take with you when you leave home against damage or accidental loss. It could cover your phone or laptop if you lost it in a taxi or on a train and your camera if it was damaged on holiday. 

The cover applies within the British Isles and for up to 60 days abroad in one policy year. So you can take these items with you on holiday and still benefit from the cover provided by your home insurance policy.


Cash which is accidentally lost or stolen either in the UK or abroad is also included under policies provided by Sainsbury’s Bank. You need to report the loss or theft to the police within 24 hours for the policy to apply.

Items stolen from a car

It also extends to personal effects stolen from a car as long as they’re locked and concealed from view in a glove compartment or boot and there’s evidence of forced entry. This could insure valuable possessions like a sat nav.


Pedal bikes are also included as long as they are immobilised with a security device. For full details see cover for bicycles.

Cover for family members

The insurance applies to all family members, not just the policyholder. So it will cover your son or daughter, for example, as long as they live at the insured address. 


Some items are excluded including objects insured under another policy, objects held or used for business, sports equipment while it’s in use and camping equipment while set up or in use in the open.

The policy also excludes belongings lost through theft involving deception and loss or damage caused by a paying guest or tenant.

Full details can be found in the policy documents.


Single item limits apply. You could receive a maximum of £4,000 per item if you’re a Sainsbury’s Premier Cover Home Insurance policyholder and £2,000 if you’ve taken out Sainsbury’s Home Insurance, unless you specify it in your schedule.

You can specify items in your schedule when you’re applying for a quote.

Specific limits apply to cash, items stolen from a car and bicycles.



Items stolen from a car  Bicycles
Sainsbury’s Premier Cover Home Insurance £1,000 Unlimited £1,000
Sainsbury’s Home Insurance £500 £2,000 £500

Remember that claims are also subject to the excess shown in your schedule, although there is no excess for money.

Making a claim

Keep receipts and photographs so that if you need to make a claim you can provide evidence of the value of the item lost or damaged.

For help with your claim and contact details go to making a claim.

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