Important information about the Financial Services Compensation Scheme


Your eligible deposits with Sainsbury's Bank are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The limit of protection is £85,000 per depositor. This limit will be applied to the total of all your accounts held with Sainsbury's Bank. Any deposits you have in excess of £85,000 are unlikely to be protected.

In some specific cases, deposits may be excluded from the FSCS protection scheme. The FSCS information sheet and exclusions list (PDF, 87KB) new window provides further details on FSCS protection and the exclusions which may apply.

How the FSCS protects your money

More information about the compensation provided by the FSCS can be found on the FSCS website at, and in the FSCS leaflet (PDF, 351KB) new window.

Home Finance (including mortgage advice)

From 31 October 2004 the protection provided by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) was extended to include mortgage advice and arranging. This means all mortgages entered into after 31 October 2004 are eligible for the protections set out by FSCS. The compensation limit for such a claim is £50,000 per person per firm, for claims against firms who are declared in default at any time after 1 January 2010.

More information about FSCS Home Finance (including mortgage advice) compensation can be found on the FSCS website at



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