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Personal loan calculator

Personal loan calculator

Borrow any amount from £1,000 to £40,000

Use our simple loan calculator to find out how much your monthly repayments, annual interest rate and loan amount could be.

From 6.1% APR representative for Nectar members

Loan calculator

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All quotations given are for illustrative purposes only. 

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Representative Example

You could borrow £10,000 over 60 months with 60 monthly repayments of £193.03. The total amount repayable will be £11,581.80. Representative 6.1% APR, annual interest rate (fixed) 6.1%.

*Representative APR applies to loans of £7,500 - £15,000, between 1-5 years, for Nectar members. Other rates apply to other loan amounts.

All quotations given are for illustrative purposes only. We treat all our customers and their applications on an individual basis. The APR we offer is determined by the details you supply and the loan you are applying for, along with an independent verification of your credit and repayment history, and will range from 6.1% to 29.9% APR.

Why use a loan calculator?

Our online loan claculator is a quick and easy way to see how much your loan could cost you. The calculator can:

  • Tell you how much your monthly repayments may be. You’ll see a monthly figure and also find out the total repayable amount for your loan that you could be offered, based on the representative example. If you complete the form you’ll see tailored results.

  • Let you know the cost of borrowing over a year. Using the information you’ve given, you’ll see the Annual Percentage Rate that outlines interest and extra charges. This is based on the representative example or tailored to you if you’ve filled in the form.

  • Display the fixed annual interest rate you may be charged. Find out the interest that you may be charged as part of your monthly repayments, according to the representative example.

  • Give you a bigger picture of your financial future. By having all the figures, you can decide if a loan is the right option for you, before you apply.

How to use our loan calculator

Our personal loan calculator is quick and easy to use. We'll need to know:

  • 1. How much you’d like to borrow – you can borrow any amount from £1,000 to £25,000, or up to £40,000 if you’re a Nectar member.

  • 2. How long you'd like to repay your loan – you can repay your loan over five years. Nectar members can choose up to seven years for loans between £7,500 and £40,000.  

  • 3. Whether you’re a Nectar member – tick the box that applies to you. If you’re a Nectar member you can access our lowest rates.   

  • 4. Your Nectar card number – if you selected yes, enter your Nectar card details.

  • 5. Whether it’s a single or joint application – choose if you are interested in a single or joint application. A joint application is split between two people.

Once you’ve given all this information, you can check your results, which outline what rate you could be offered, what your monthly repayments and total repayable could be, based on the representative example. If you’re happy with the results, you can click Apply Now and start your application today.  Any information you’ve provided prior to this point won’t affect your credit score.

Use our loan calculator

How can I improve my loan eligibility?

There are several things that you can do which could improve your chances of being accepted for a loan. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that none are guaranteed to result in a successful application:

  • Try to improve your credit score – avoiding making multiple applications for credit (such as credit cards, loans etc.) in a short space of time, paying bills and debt repayments on time and getting on the electoral roll may all help improve your score.

  • Make a joint application – sometimes a joint application may help prove your financial stability, as your provider looks at both your credit records. However, if either of you miss a repayment, both your credit ratings could be affected.

  • Check for bad financial ties – if you’re financially connected to someone with poor credit, for example an ex-partner, this could affect your likelihood of being accepted. If this is the case, you can apply for a notice of dissociation, to show lenders that you’re no longer connected to them.

  • Obtain credit if you have none or poor credit – taking some basic steps toward improving your credit situation may help improve your eligibility chances. This can include doing simple things like opening a bank account, setting up direct debits and keeping up with any repayments.

How our loan application works

From buying a car, making home improvements or sorting out your finances, there are many occasions where a loan can come in handy. And it could be more affordable than you think.

  • You could get your money in as little as 2 hours, or the next business day, once you’ve been accepted.

  • Our online application is quick and easy to complete. If you’re successful, you can sign your agreement online, and upload any documents we might need.

  • Find out how likely you are to be accepted, and rate we might offer you, without affecting your credit score.

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Frequently asked questions

How is my loan interest rate calculated?

Your loan interest rate is affected by a few factors, including:

  • Your credit score
  • Affordability check
  • How much you want to borrow
  • The length of your loan term
  • If you’re a Nectar member 

What is a loan APR?

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. It’s the total cost of borrowing over a year, including the interest rate and any other additional charges. The APR is shown as a percentage figure, and lenders are legally required to share this with you, before you take out a loan.

How are my loan repayments calculated?

Loan repayments are calculated by dividing the total loan, plus interest, by the number of months that you have to pay it off.

Are any credit checks done when I use a loan calculator?

No, there are no credit checks done when you use a loan calculator. This means that you can use our calculator to see a representative example of what your monthly repayments, total repayable amount, annual interest rate could be – without it leaving a mark on your credit score.  

The only checks made are after you submit a loan application, where an initial ‘soft credit check’ is made, as we assess your eligibility for a loan. After that stage, if you are eligible for a loan, a ‘hard credit check’ will occur if you decide to proceed with your application. This is where a full assessment of your financial history is made and this check will appear on your credit record.  

What is the maximum loan I can apply for?

The maximum loan you can apply for at Sainsbury’s Bank depends on if you’re a Nectar member or not. If you’re a Nectar member, the maximum loan you can apply for is £40,000 and the minimum is £1,000. If you’re not a Nectar member, you may apply for a loan of any amount between £1,000 and £25,000.

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We treat all our customers and their applications on an individual basis. The APR we offer is determined by the details you supply and the loan you are applying for, along with an independent verification of your credit and repayment history.