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We understand that everyone's lives are different and you're not just driving from A to B, you might be driving from athletics to ballet. Which is why we listened to you, our Sainsbury's shoppers, and shaped our car insurance around your needs.

You can buy our Comprehensive or Third Party, Fire and Theft cover, or to get more mileage add some of our optional extras for an additional cost – just choose what's right for you. If you need some help then we have lots of guides you can call upon, from a guide to car insurance excesses to what to do if you have an accident.

Here are just some of the things you could get when you buy a policy:

A little something extra

If you're taking out car insurance with us for the first time, we'll help you make your budget go that bit further:

  • Guaranteed discount for Nectar card holders‡

Not got a Nectar card?

It's free and you can get a Nectar card number straight away at, allowing you to get our extra perks. Just enter your Nectar card number when you're asked to. With your Nectar card you can also collect and spend Nectar points at Sainsbury's and with lots of other brands.

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Fill in your details and we’ll give you the best price from our carefully selected range of insurers

Add some extras

Get more mileage from your policy with our added extras

Got a question?

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions and browse our handy guides

Terms and conditions

‡Guaranteed discount for Nectar card holders: The discount is based on information related to you and the transactions you've made with Sainsbury's supermarkets and Sainsbury's Bank using your Nectar card. For more information go to

Choose your cover

Explore our cover

Here’s our Comprehensive and Third Party, Fire and Theft cover insurance at a glance – as well as our optional extras. So you can compare and choose what you need more easily.

What's included?
Comprehensive Third party, fire and theft Optional extras - additional cover you can add to your policy for an extra cost
Loss or damage to your car (except fire and theft)
Add RAC Breakdown Cover to get you back on the road if your car breaks down.
Loss or damage to your car (by fire and theft) tick tick Add RAC Breakdown Cover to get you back on the road if your car breaks down.
Damage to your windscreen tick cross With third party, fire and theft, you can add our Windscreen Cover as an optional extra. 
A courtesy car – three-door hatchback tick cross
Add our enhanced Guaranteed Courtesy Car for a car the same size as yours for 14 or 21 days.
No Claims Discount and Named Driver No Claims Discount
tick tick Add No Claims Discount Protection to keep hold of your discount
Driving other cars
tick cross  
Liability to other people
tick tick  
Replacement Keys and Locks
tick cross Add our Key Cover for extra cover when you need it
Driving in Europe
tick tick Add RAC Platinum+ Breakdown Cover to keep you on the road
Replacement child car seat
tick tick  
New car cover
tick tick  
Medical expenses
tick cross  
Personal belongings including your Sainsbury's shopping
tick cross  
Personal accident
tick cross  
Protection against uninsured drivers
tick cross Add Motor Legal Protection to cover your legal expenses if you go to court after an accident

For more detail about what's covered and what's not, have a look at our policy documents.

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Reap the insurance benefits

Our car insurance covers you bumper to bumper giving you peace of mind to keep on motoring. We've got Comprehensive Cover with lots of features as standard, such as a courtesy car and windscreen cover. And our Third Party, Fire and Theft comes with things like No Claims Discount and child seat replacement cover as standard. And that's before you add any optional extras, which are available for an additional cost. Whether it's RAC Breakdown Cover or our Motor Legal Protection, you can get the insurance you're after.

No claims discount

Discover the discounts available for careful driving

No claims discount for named drivers

Discounts for named drivers when they take out a policy with us

Courtesy car

Keep on moving – even when your car doesn’t

Windscreen cover

Covering the cost of cracks and chips

European cover

Cover up on holiday – with our policies you’re covered in Europe too.

Child seat replacement cover

You don’t take risks with your child’s safety – and neither do we

Up to £200 for your Sainsbury's shopping

Cover from your wellies to your weekly shop

Add some extra

Get more mileage from your policy with our added extras

Got a question?

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions and browse our handy guides

Get a quote

Optional extras

Take your insurance up a gear

Whether you’ve chosen Comprehensive Cover or Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover, we’ve got a range of optional extras, for an additional cost, to help you get more mileage from your policy. If you lose your car keys, our Key Cover will get you back behind the wheel. Or if your car breaks down, our RAC Breakdown Cover can come to the rescue and have you on the road again in no time.

No claims discount protection

Discover the discounts available for careful driving

Guaranteed courtesy car

A car the same size as yours for 14 or 21 days

Motor legal protection

Cover your costs if you need to go to court for an accident that wasn’t your fault

RAC Breakdown Cover

Getting you to where you need to be.

Key cover

Don’t get shut out in the cold

See what comes as standard

Existing customers

Already got car insurance with us?

Maybe you’re looking to make a claim, add some extra cover to your policy, or change a few details: You might just have a question, or want to check what’s covered. You can do all that from here. Just tell us when you first took out your policy and we’ll point you in the right direction:

After more information?

Have a look at our frequently asked questions for more on our car insurance and how it works. We’ve also put together some helpful guides on everything from driving in winter and your no claims discount to car maintenance and driving in Europe.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you’d prefer to speak to someone instead, you can get in touch with our car insurance Customer Service team on the number below. They’re on hand to help with whatever you need.


The extra mile

Take a look at our  guides to help answer your questions on all things car related, from looking after your car and driving in winter to what to do in an accident.

Guide to car insurance
Guide to driving in winter
Guide to driving in Europe
Guide to car maintenance
Guide to no claims discount
Guide to breakdown basics
Guide to car insurance excess
Guide to car insurance groups
Guide to what to do if you have an accident

Got a question?

We’ve answered some of the most common car insurance questions.

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